An exercise in creative writing, and
an interesting research project

People like to make their own decisions but they are also interested in finding out what other people think about their situation. Lesley Newson, of Exeter University, is interested in learning about the factors that influence the advice people give.

This project is now finished and some early results can be found here.

"I would like people, particularly older people, to help me with my research on what they say to people looking for advice. Taking part in the study involves going to a website, (just click 'The story' button above) and reading a short story in which one character asks another for advice, and writing down what you think the second character will say. Afterwards there are a few demographic questions. Taking part in the study is anonymous but if you put your name on the form I will send you the results of the study once I have got information from enough participants and have analysed the results."

Lesley Newson

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Last update was 26th October 2005