The Breakfast Project

An exercise in communicating with U3A members around the world.

Jane Hansen - a teacher at an elementary school in Denmark wrote
to ask U3A members around the world to take part in her project.

"The purpose of this project is to work with the international
dimension and get some language learning".

Here I am with our map. Perhaps you remember me from the conference in 2001?

"if your friends just say who they are, where they are (details of their location) and what they had for breakfast and we will put flags in for each response.

The pupils E-mail addresses are:-
7 grade (age 13-14):
8 grade (age 14-15):

9 grade (age 15-16):

I would also like my students to write back to everyone who send us a your "people" know that we have received the e-mails and .... maybe some of my pupils will ask more questions".


You can see how many flags we have in Australia and New Zealand

Here is Jane's response after the project week....

"It has been a fantastic week. We have got so many e-mails...89 mails from people from Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA, South Africa, Sweden, Holland, Scotland, Germany, India and England. 45 mails came from Australia and 21 from England. We have tried to answer every e-mails and very often the pupils and the pensionists continue the conversation. I think many of the pensionists have got answers from more than one of my pupils.





Most of the people who answered our breakfast question were 70-79 years old ... and there were also many in the group 60-69 years. About the breakfast could say that even if we are quite different in many ways around the world we are quite similar when it comes to breakfast menus.

This is the breakfast place we made in the school hall

Here are students from one class, the boy on the right is having his breakfast again!

The students thank you and all your colleagues in many countries - they have enjoyed this very much".

Thank you very much, Tom for all your work. It has been a great pleasure for me to work together with you. I hope that we another time can make something together again. And if you come to Denmark I will welcome you to visit me and my school.