The Breakthrough Project


It is difficult to understand people of other countries; and even more difficult to want to understand. It is so much easier, when we encounter something strange, to fall back on prejudices and generalisations.

But sometimes a work of art, - a book, a painting, a film, or music - breaks through this barrier of misunderstanding, so that we see the people of another country in a new light. Or for you, it may be an experience or an encounter which made you want to know more and to understand more. Indifference or hostility is replaced by fascination and appreciation.

Our new 'Cooperation' project, Breakthrough, explores this issue. We see it as a follow-on to our 'World without Fear' project, where we saw the devastation caused by enmity between nations. Now we are seeking to understand how attitudes can change from negative to positive.

If you have experienced a 'breakthough' we would like to hear about it and what triggered it. Tell us about:

1. The country or people of your breakthrough
2. The work of art or experience which inspired it.
3. What were the effects in your life?

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