A project for U3A members and German students of Anna Essinger Realschule, Ulm, Germany.

The purpose of this project was to determine whether or not a 'hi-tech' approach to learning English is an encouragement for students of English.

An assignment to write, in English, a one-page essay about their recent vacation was set for 6 of the students you see on the left. These were to be emailed to, and corrected by, six mentors abroad and the resulting corrected and annotated documents returned to the student via Stephan Cichotzki, the teacher at Anna Essinger Realschule.

Herr Cichotzki and his class can be seen here in a recent photograph.

A working knowledge of Microsoft WORD is required, and especially the 'Track changes' function, which can be found under the 'Tools' menu.


This pilot project is now concluded. A brief report on whether it met its objectives should appear here before 6th July.


Technical note: U3a members not familiar with the 'Track changes' and 'Footnote' functions of WORD may wish to contact for some advice, (but it's not very difficult to use).
Last update was 30th May 2008
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