Italia - Università della Terza Età



The first UNITRE (Università della Terza Età ) was founded in Turin in 1975. This group now has 6,000 members who enjoy 162 different courses. There are now 230 local groups throughout Italy.

UNITRE is inspired by the Universities of the Middle Ages, which were organised by the students and where the professors taught without payment because in their eyes, knowledge should be a gift. So UNITRE depends on the voluntary activities of all its members. The logo (U, the Roman numeral III and E) brings together its philosophy: University, Humanity, Humility and the Union of the three Ages.



The objectives of UNITRE are education, training, information, research, and inter-generational contacts.Each member's experience should be recorded for future generations. With this in mind, all UNITREs will be asked to take part in research into the collective memory.