Zawiw - a major website for European organisations for third-agers



Foremost in the field of European cooperation is ZAWiW (Zentrum für Allgemeine Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung) at the University of Ulm. The UK has been a partner in their projects since 1994,


ZAWiW under its director, Carmen Stadelhofer, (on the right) is the main co-ordinator of the European Network 'learning in later life.' (LiLL) This links university-level institutions of learning for older people in 18 European countries through the 'Lerncafe'.



With the help of Gabriella Koerting (left) ZAWiW is building up a four-language online information system ( on later life learning for senior students as well as professionals. Its aim is to encourage discussions, co-operation and exchange (Translated into German and French if required)