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Web manager Vennela
11th March 2009

Protect yourself from the Conficker computer worm. On April 1st the Conficker worm will simply start taking more steps to protect itself. Beginning on April 1st the worm will use a communications system that is more difficult for security researchers to interrupt.

Just in case, for a few sites for removal tools that will help you rid your computer of it see
or you can try

ALL GROUPS: This is the education part of YOUTUBE - and there's something here for everyone. You will need broadband connection/laptop and a projector, so probably most suitable for a small home group.
HISTORY GROUPS: is the world’s largest publisher of history magazines. contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines. If you are interested in a specific history subject, try searching their archives.

GARDENING GROUPS: Shrinking pension? Need exercise? Fancy growing your own fruit and veg but don't have the land? Cleve West tells us how to go about getting an allotment. If you like the idea get in touch with your local council, and there's lots of good advice at

SCI/TECH GROUPS: Strongly recommended; extracts would make a very good series of illustrated talks. is run by Dr Ben Goldacre, the award winning writer, broadcaster, and medical doctor who has written the weekly Bad Science column in the Guardian since 2003. (Thank you Miall James - U3A Witham & Braintree).
Local U3A Groups with members from India and South Asia may like to alert them to the monthly U3A Patrika newsletter, which can be found at

WRITERS/BOOK Groups: WeBOOK describes itself as "A Decidedly Different Book Publishing Company With an Unconventional Approach to Conventional Publishing". It requires you to join (which could put some people off) but the idea behind it seems really interesting, and especially the 'collaborative writing' aspect. Please go to to learn more, and you can also see a video about it if you click on

BEGINNERS: What’s a Byte - - was recently featured on the BBC as one of the “Best Sites on the World Wide Web”
Computer Hope - - has been designed to assist all types of computer users with any of their computer related questions as well as a great location to learn more about your computer and its hardware and software.