Issue number one hundred and thirty-six (April 2012) in a series of Signposts from the WorldU3A Service, sent once a month to U3A members anywhere in the world.

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Archaeology Groups: The Sussex Egyptology Society was formed on the 10th of September 1996, the Sussex Egyptology Society (SES) grew out of an evening study course in Egyptology attended by about 30 enthusiastic amateurs.

A registered charity (No 1060748), the SES now runs an outstanding annual programme of monthly lecture meetings, attracting leading Egyptological specialist speakers from the UK and overseas.

Welcome to U3A Malaysia: The University of the Third Age, Malaysia is a program under the "Lifelong Learning for Older Malaysians" project led by Professor Dr. Tengku Aizan Hamid, Director, Institute of Gerontology, Universiti Putra Malaysia. The project is jointly supported by the Government of Malaysia and the United Nations Population Fund.

You can find their website/blog at and further enquiries may be made to Chair Sen Tyng at

Jazz Groups: Surely one of the great treats for the enthusiast and collector.
To quote Mike Whitaker, UK Jazz Network Coordinator, "V-discs were made by the Americans for the entertainment of their servicemen in WW2 and were not for sale. They were 12" 78s. They’re quite rare – in many years of rooting through boxes of secondhand stuff in junk shops, I’ve only ever found one. Go to Youtube – type in V-discs - and follow wherever it leads you".
(Thank you to Signpost's tireless supporter, Maggie Roberts of Shoreham & Southwick U3A).

The Indian Society of U3As (Universities of the Third Age) announces an International Conference, to be held at the Chinmaya Vibhooti Conference Centre, Pune, India, in October 2012.

The conference is being organized in collaboration with Central Chinmaya Vanprastha Sansthan, Allahabad. It is supported and assisted by Janaseva Foundation Pune, Institute of Social Development, Udaipur, and the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance.

Music Groups: Since opening in 1971, the Kennedy Center has continued its efforts to fulfill a vision—presenting the greatest performers and performances from across America and around the world, nurturing new works and young artists, and serving the nation as a leader in arts education. There are a range of videos which might be used as the basis of a grooup talk.
(Thank you once again Maggie Roberts of Shoreham & Southwick U3A).

History Groups: This is certainly one of the most useful websites to be found for researching a talk or lesson. Chris Trueman BA (Hons), MA set up in 2000 as he felt there was no easily accessible and comprehensive website on World History on the web.

Chris has written all the content for the site from his in-depth knowledge of History having taught History and Politics at a major secondary school in England for the last 26 years. He has made every effort to be as unbiased and objective as possible in presenting the facts and interpreting events.

Music Groups (or anyone): Downloading music from YOUTUBE - free, and legally - can be done at the website by entering the URL (link address) and it will be converted to an MP3 file on your computer. You can then copy it to CD or dongle or wherever convenient.
Group visits: April and May bring a fresh programme at Compton Verney in Warwickshire. Lectures and Tours of course, but also a new look at the works of Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne and Vanessa Bell., plus Gainsborough's Landscapes.

Computer Groups: These TECHNICAL GEMS from U3A Online Rick Swindell's GEMS newsletter surely merit a wider audience. If you have diffiiculty with 'tinyurl' the originals are online at

Inkjet Printers: What to Know Before You Shop (don’t forget to scroll down for readers’ comments)

There’s been a lot of buzz about Slimcleaner a free system cleaning suite. Bob can’t see too many pluses

My old laptop finally died, and I need to replace it with something lighter and very portable.
Should I Buy a Netbook, Ultrabook or a Tablet?

I've read warnings about my computer getting caught up in a botnet, but I don't really understand the danger (Ed - This site checks your computer for botnets instantly )

How to Tell If A Website Is Dangerous

All The Figures You'll Need To Prune Your Hard Drive

Four Ways to Speedier and Better Google Searches

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