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Issue number one hundred and ninety-five (April 2017) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance


The receptionist at the Institute of Media Innovation, at Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, is a smiling brunette called Nadine (far left, with Prof Nadia Thalman, Director of NTUs Institute for Media Innovation). She is an "intelligent" robot capable of autonomous behaviour.She can recognise people and human emotions, and make associations using her knowledge database - her "thoughts", so to speak.

Although many 80-year-olds may only need a friend to chat to, or someone to keep an eye out in case they fall, increasingly the elderly are suffering serious ailments, such as dementia. Research into the use of robots as carers or nurses is growing.

Comprising a network of course providers, the National Silver Academy offers learning opportunities that were never before so widely available to the public. Universities like National University of Singapore, NTU, SMU and UniSIM, the polytechnics and ITE are now open to seniors pursuing courses without taking the exams. The NSA also offers courses for seniors only – from the arts institutions, ITE and community-based organisations.

Eligible seniors can enjoy subsidies when taking short courses under the National Silver Academy. Singaporean seniors who want to participate in exam-free modules only need to pay a token fee.

Click on the above image to go to their website to learn more.
Seng Kim Goh, President of U3A Singapore

I attach a copy of the flyer for Third Ager Renaissance Symposium to be held in Singapore on 1 Apr 2017. This public seminar is being hosted by Rotary Club of Singapore North, one of 23 Rotary clubs in Singapore with SACE U3A serving as the Symposium secretariat.

A worldwide movement to encourage seniors to live more meaningful and happy lives, U 3rd Age hopes to spark more simillar conversations at the website seco-me.

Thomas Kuan reports: U 3rd Age, which stands for University of the Third Age.

We will be organising a a leisurely walk-about around Marina Bay for silver seniors whom are paired with youths. We hope this will be the first of many such walks.


An AIUTA visit to Nigeria, first african country by population, took place early march 2017. UNITRA President Sidi Hairou Camara, AIUTA Governing board member and representative AIUTA President, was warmly welcome on his arrival in Lagos airport by Dr Charles Afolabi, President Nigeria U3A and AIUTA Governing Board member. During his visit, President Sidi Camara visits Lagos U3A and had official meeting with his highness Yorubas King in Ibadan who highly supports Nigeria U3A initiative. M. Camara discussed international cooperation between Nigerian U3As, African U3As and World U3As through AIUTA International organisation and network. M. Camara delivers a special message from President François Vellas to Dr Charles Afolabi and Nigerian U3As with all his thanks.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, 61, is now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium which oversees its development, "The Web has become a surveillance tool, used for a system of “unethical” political advertising and the harvesting of data".

In an open letter he laments the rise of fake news and how the current social media of the internet has distorted our access to news and information. “We’ve lost control of our personal data,” he wrote. "It's held in proprietary silos, out of sight to us, so we lose out on the benefits we could realise if we had direct control over it,” he said.

It has also allowed for unprecedented levels of government surveillance.
“Through collaboration with — or coercion of — companies, governments are also increasingly watching our every move online, and passing extreme laws that trample on our rights to privacy,” he warned.

PayPal is in danger from massive attempts at 'phishing'. While many financial phishing schemes require development of bank- and region-specific phishing pages, PayPal's international reach and widespread popularity mean that attackers can develop phishing pages once and attack in multiple regions.

Proofpoint researchers recently encountered a phishing email message that led to what appeared to be a benign PayPal login page >>>


The analysis on the website quickly determines that the login page is in reality a very well-crafted phishing page, but the real innovations of this campaign were revealed in the clever workings of the landing and the campaign’s sophisticated administrative backend. You can see an example if you click here >>>

U3A Reykjavik is blooming like ever. Membership has gone to over 400 hundred in these five years and we also have almost 300 extra on our mailing list.

The programs, including lectures, visits, courses and group work is very diverse and a new type of activities, discussion café's, is a great success, covering issues like happiness, positive attitudes, economy of elderly, labor market for 50+ and art.

Ingibjörg Rannveig Guðlaugsdóttir

U3A Reykjavik got grant again from Erasmus+ for a continuing project of BALL. Catch the BALL is the name and the partners are MBM Center in Liverpool and Kaunas Science and Technology Park and the Icelandic firm Evris.
Dr Pradeep Sinha Reports: Last year we celebrated international senior day by organizing a musical evening totally performed by non-professional eminent senior citizens of Allahabad. Needless to say it was a super hit and on the same day an ambitious project was named as "BUDHAPE Kl LAKDI- Young generation to serve the senior citizens" The youngsters pledged a senior citizens in their vicinity and tried to help them.

I Feb again we honored some eighty plus senior citizens in baudh vihar park naini
Recently on the 5th March we celebrated gov welfare pensioners association annual function.

Again we honored citizens and our volunteers of BUDHAPE KI LAKDI by providing certificates by Justice Birla followed by musical extravaganza.

U3A ONLINE      
New Course for Independent Study
Part 3 of The History of Espionage
The third chapter of this most interesting saga of the secret world of espionage, and the methods used to find and hide information

With Leader Courses starting on April 3rd
Myths & Legends, Practical Psychology for Relationships, The Northern Sky, The Night Sky, Henry Lawson - His Life, Work & Times, Banjo Patterson - His Life, Work & Times, Shakespeare - Rediscovering the Bard, Basic English Grammar
Introduction: Although U3A Online was established in Australia, membership is open to any senior in the English speaking world, especially those who are physically or geographically isolated and cannot access a local "face to face" U3A.

We have over 60 short courses which can be studied at home. For a yearly fee of $A25 a member can access as many courses as they like. Just like all U3As, there are no prior qualifications, no exams and no degrees awarded. And remember, local U3As can access our courses to use in their own classes by purchasing a site licence at a small extra fee

For more information about membership and the courses we offer go to: http://www.u3aonline.org.au


For the last 10 years Dori Mintzer has exploring the field of Revolutionizing Retirement – she offers free monthly conference call sessions on the subject.

In February the interview was on Digital Globetrotting with the Pass It On Network with Jan Hively, Moira Allan, Cullen Hayashida (Hawaii) Hans-Kristjan Gudmundsson (Iceland) and Dieter Zwicky (Switzerland). Listen to the interview here >>>

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