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Issue number 207 (April 2018) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Global Forum
If you find a problem on your walk let us know! >>> Whether it's locked gates, rampant overgrowth or missing signs, occasionally we find our paths blocked or in need of care. Whatever the issue, we want to know about it!

Report path problems through Pathwatch and for England and Wales we'll alert the local highway authority. Where possible, we'll also work with them to fix the problem. In Scotland, Pathwatch is still in a pilot stage, so we’re gathering information to build up a picture of walkers’ experiences north of the border by monitoring reports we receive. Where appropriate we’ll share these with access authorities or landowners to try and resolve issues.

"An explosion of connectivity - that's what Joze Gricar, of Slovenia's U3A and leading figure in the, called what we're experiencing today through our global networks! At Pass It On Network, we are regularly delighted with the rich contacts made through Tom Holloway and the U3A", says Moira Allan, co-founder of the network. "Two of the latest examples: we linked up a Pass It On networker who will be visiting Singapore in May with Thomas Kuan, founder of U3A there and made contact with Kazakhstan through Anara Zhakupova, one of the founders of the emerging new U3A in that country". Moira (on the left in our picture) was recently invited to speak at a UK conference by Age Platform Europe on “Digital inclusion and the Use of ICT by and for Older People".
GARDENING GROUPS - permaculture

Permaculture can be applied anywhere human beings exist, construct, or innovate systems, structures, shelter, or even industry. While many people think of permaculture as gardening, that’s a lot like thinking of math as being about building bridges; permaculture is much more than just its most well-known gardening application, and this course is your opportunity to experience the full range of design possibilities applicable to your own property.

You should not have to pay thousands to learn vital sustainable living and survival skills. This is the same 72-hour internationally-standard permaculture design course for which other schools charge $1000 - $2000, but we're giving you the very same course completely free! To learn more click here >>>


The Compton Verney Art Gallery and Park has the largest collection of British Folk Art in the UK, and we thought it was about time the diverse artworks were displayed in a new light. The gallery has been transformed by designer, Mark Hearld, to improve the flow, reveal more information about key pieces and to give prominence to previously underappreciated works.


The LEAD SENIOR PROJECT involves putting the seniors at the front so as to fight for their rights and roles in the communities. The eastern Uganda, Soroti district is highly affected by early and forced child marriage, many women do not complete primary school. Under the Lead senior project Pass It on Trust Uganda provides elderly women with personal development skills, literacy, computer skills, and exposes them to new ideas so as to revive the dreams they lost as a result of early marriage.

Pass It ON Trust Uganda has been inspired a lot through the works and initiatives of WorldU3A.ORG and the University of the Third Age.


We are a new group in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, a country which is bigger than the whole of Europe put together. Astana is already regarded in travel circles for its captivating architecture, with the skyline increasingly filling with ambitious, space-age skyscrapers and monuments. With British passport you get visa when you arrive at the airport.

We are russian-speaking but now changing from cyrillic alphabet to western/roman alphabet and learning English with our internet teacher Tom Holloway in Oxford. We are sure that U3A will grow here because government says it will help retired people this way. Please look at our website and send us a welcome message soon.

INDIA - Delhi International Conference

Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam, Social Welfare Minister, Delhi Govt. inaugurated two days International Conference being organised jointly for the first time by Senior Citizens Council of Delhi & ISU3A ( Indian Society of University of Third Age of the intelligentsia among elderly and is a part of world wide Movement ) on Challenges in Elder Care at India International Auditorium, Lodhi Road in which more than 300 senior citizens/ NGOs from across India and abroad participated. Sh.Gautam briefed about various facilities/benefits being extended by Delhi Govt. to senior citizens which is much more higher than other states across the country. Such as payment to 5.20 Lakh BPL senior citizens at the rate of Rs.2,500/- per month and Rs.2,000/- per month up to the age of 70 & above and between the age 60 & 69 respectively. Recreational Grants to 115 Registered Senior Citizens Associations having Recreation Centres at the rate of Rs.20,000/- per month for organising day to day Recreational Activities in their respective colonies. He further told that recently Delhi Govt. has finalised draft of the State Commission for Senior Citizens and is being vetted by Law Department and would be announced soon after getting the approval of the competent authority.

U3A Dobara Network - Hyderabad

U3A Dobara provides a meeting point for diverse senior citizen groups in the twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad. Led by Mateen Ansari (far right in red) and Manish Rai, Dobara adopts a senior citizen-centric approach in their customized programs/events, informational discussions, and outings focussed on promoting well being. Dobara means 'Once Again' and it aims to inspire generations to see longevity as an opportunity. Dobara engages volunteers from all walks of life and ages and helps sensitize the youth to elder needs.
U3A Delhi Senior Citizens
For the first time, Senior Citizens Council of Delhi organised a Blood Donation Camp for Armed Forces at its Recreation Centre, Community Centre, Green Park Extension on 23-03-2018 from 8 AM to 4 PM in association with Armed Forces Transfusion Centre, Delhi Cantt.on the occasion of MARTYRDOM DAY OF SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH. Mrs.Meenakshi Lekhi, M.P. inaugurated the blood donation camp, followed by refreshments. A team of 14 Army Officials led by Sh.Laxman Singh Kanyal, Subedar, Armed Forces made arrangements for getting blood from donors in which large number of youngers/senior citizens offered their blood.
AIUTA GB Member, Prof Fabio Hauagge do Prado organised a working meeting at UDC U3A Foz do Iguaçu, March 9th, with participation Presidente COMTUR, Felipe Gonzalez, Executive Director SINDHOTEIS Placido Jose de Oliveira, Ramiciely Carlessi Iguaçu Destino del Mundo, Andressa Szekut Observatorio Trinacional de Turismo do Iguassu on Senior Study Tour and presentation to next WSTC in Yantai China. Prof François Vellas explained U3As implication to develop an internet platform for Senior Tourism Worldwide. U3A UDC will present Senior Tourism requirements from Brazil and South America to WSTC International Conference.

Le Professeur Prof Fabio Hauagge do Prado a organisé, le 9 mars 2018, une session de travail avec le Président de COMTUR, Felipe Gonzalez, le Directeur Exécutif de SINDHOTEIS Placido Jose de Oliveira, Ramiciely Carlessi de Iguaçu Destino del Mundo et Andressa Szekut de l’Observatorio Trinacional de Turismo do Iguassu sur l’organisation avec les Universités du Troisième Age de voyages d’études pour les séniors et sur la participation au prochain WSTC à Yantai en Chine. Le Professeur François Vellas a expliqué les enjeux de l’implication des Universités du Troisième Age dans l’innovation des voyages d’études pour les séniors et sur les souhaits des séniors des différents pays pour leurs voyages qui seront présentés et discutés au WSTC 2018

Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President participate on invitation Prof Fabio Hauagge do Prado, Pro Rector UDC U3A and AIUTA GB member to the Congresso Internacional de Tercer Edade in UDC U3A Foz do Iguaçu on march 9th, 2018. Prof François Vellas spoke on the AIUTA programmes on International Cooperation. AIUTA TV with Georgi Stankov from Bulgaria participates to this presentation on live.

Le Professeur François Vellas a participé au Congrès International du Troisième Age organisé à Foz d'Iguaçu à l'invitation du recteur Fabio Hauagge do Prado Président de l'Université du troisième Age de Foz d'Iguaçu UDC et membre du Conseil d'Administration de l'AIUTA le vendredi 9 mars 2018. A cette occasion AIUTA TV avec Georgi Stankov depuis la Bulgarie a introduit cet important évènement en direct.

WSTC The World Senior Tourism Congress will bring together in Yantai China U3As, Tourism destinations and tourism sector next 24-28th May. All AIUTA U3As are welcome to participate. For more Information email or click here >>>


Third Age learning groups are self-managed groups of seniors providing opportunities for members to share learning experiences in a wide range of subjects. The Third Age Network in Ontario came out of an initial meeting in 2007 of lifelong learning groups in the Toronto area. Some groups are associated with universities or colleges while others are located in community centres.

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