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Web manager Vennela
11th March 2009

The U3A News South Wales NEWSLINK issue for July 2009 has an excellent article on attracting and keeping Tutors. Strongly recommended reading for all U3A Group officers faced with this perennial problem.
The UK Money Comparison website at compares 1587 accounts from 236 companies and halfway down the page is a useful guide.
A wonderful site; not primarily about statistics, much more about how technology can be used to understand the numbers that we are given by the media. As just one example watch Hans Rosling talking about AIDS statistics at
If your keyboard is faulty, Microsoft provides an alternative way to type-in using the mouse.

Go to: Start menu Select: Run Type in: OSK Press: OK and a keyboard will be displayed on your monitor which you can use with your mouse. Try it now.....

The Google UK Schools Site offers free resources to help use Google tools in the classroom. Working with teachers, they have developed ideas for how Google Search, Maps, Earth, Images and News can be used to bring subjects such as geography and history to life.