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IAUTA, The International Association of Universities of the Third Age, announce their 2010 Conference, to be held in November in Costa Rica in partnership with the University of Costa Rica. IAUTA is anxious to create an event which fulfils its particular needs and ambitions. We are well on the way with a joint programme under the title “GERONTOLOGY AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IN THE XXI CENTURY: OLDER PEOPLE, EXPERIENCE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. For further information see
Greater London Region: Open Age was established in 1993, - - it's a user led charity working across Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster enabling retired older people, from 50 to over 100 years old to sustain their physical and mental fitness, maintain active lifestyles and develop new and stimulating interests.

Bob Chappell - retired Piano-teacher in Cape Town, makes this splendid offer to all U3A members.
Welcome to Musicarta’s Free Piano Lessons Online, where you will find FREE piano lessons and lots of creative ideas for home study, along with a wealth of starting points for keyboard improvisation.

Beginner songwriters and musicians will find music theory lessons you can actually use - like which chords go together, and why.

myguide - - is a website designed to help people take their first steps with computers and the internet. Registered users get access to an easy-to-use email system and a wide range of online courses.
(Thank you Ernie Bray, U3A South East London)

What does your local council spend your money on?
Openly Local is a new project to develop an open and unified way of accessing UK Local Government information. So far we have opened up data for over 140 local authorities, and more are being added every week, with more information being opened up too. Click on to learn more. is yet another website for the older agegroup and grandparents, offers a rich mix of expert information and advice with a welcoming and thriving community. Read authoritative articles on a wide range of topics of interest to grandparents. Once you join, you can create your own profile, write (and comment on) blogs, join and create groups, use the live online advisors service, make new friends and more. Take a tour to find out what else has to offer.
(Thank you, BBC Click programme)

Sci/Tech Groups: EurekAlert! is an online, global news service operated by AAAS, the American Association for the Advancement of Science. EurekAlert! provides a central place through which universities, medical centers, journals, government agencies, corporations and other research organizations can bring their most recent news to the media. It also offers its news and resources to the public. It has lots you can download and discuss at your next group meeting. See
RESEARCH GEMS - A bumper crop from Rick Swindell of U3A Online

The Effects of Wearing High Heels on Women's Legs
Uncovering the Key to How We Learn and Remember – potential for Alzheimer’s treatment
Brain Training Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline
Three vigorous, 40-minute walks a week over 6 months improves memory and reasoning and spurs the birth of new brain neurons. (thank you Ros Foskey NEAT network)
Memory Links to 40 Winks
Less Salt for Everybody
How much do you know about Alzheimer's disease and dementia? Test your
health IQ to find out. (thank you Nancy Pachana – U of Queensland)
Fibers Created That Detect and Produce Sound
No Evidence That Popular Slimming Supplements Facilitate Weight Loss,
New Research Finds
Brain Fitness Program Study Reveals Visual Memory Improvement in
Older Adults
Accurate Way to Predict the Age When Women Will Hit the Menopause
Obesity Harms Women's Memory and Brain Function
High Fat Diet and Risk of Prostate Cancer
Eating Foods Rich in Vitamin E Associated With Lower Dementia Risk
Low Calorie Diet Can Extend Lifespan Even If Adopted Later in Life
Fish Oil May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer
Meditation Helps Increase Attention Span
Virgin Olive Oil and a Mediterranean Diet Fight Heart Disease by
Changing How Our Genes Function
Low Vitamin D Levels Associated With Cognitive Decline

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