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Web manager Vennela
11th March 2009

Congratulations to U3A Online Australia for a major award by the Federal Government of Australia as part of a consortium to deliver services for Seniors. See
When it eventually opens later in December, Europeana - the Digital Cultural Library - will be a massive collection of art and literature resources from many world-class libraries. For a taste of things to come - see
A gift in the true spirit of Christmas. Why not spend a few pounds to give an Indian 'dalit' child a year at school? Many are kept from school to work to support their family. This scheme is fully supported by U3A Banjara Hills, India. See for more information.
Oxford University are now making hundreds of lectures by top-flight experts available as PODCASTS. You will need to install iTunes to see/hear them. Go to
Language classes will appreciate these free online translation dictionaries. The site also contains excellent forums where you can ask questions about finer definitions, colloquial usage, etc., and native speakers from around the world give you their advice. Similarly, logophiles will be gobsmacked by (Thank you Claire Eglinton- Lower North U3A, South Australia).
TECHNICAL TOPICS Tucows continues to provide free software for many major computer platforms including Windows, Linux and Macintosh, and even older versions of Windows. There is an interesting review of shareware sites at Gismo's Best Windows Download Sites:
(Thank you Max Potter - U3A Witney, UK).
Like to try free phone and video calls around the world but don't know how? A brief commercial video explains how in two minutes.