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Important advance information about the Comenius University International Bratislava Conference to be held May 2017 can be found by writing to Dr. Nadežda Hrapková, PhD. at Comenius University, Bratislava, Centre for Continuing Education,
E-mail: Nadezda.Hrapkova at

Veuillez trouver ci joint des informations importantes pour la prochaine conférence internationale de l'AIUTA et le centième Conseil d'Administration.

Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President was invited last november 12th to participate to the 10th Anniversary Paris Sorbonne Abu Dhabi University. Prof F Vellas presented AIUTA International Universities of Third Age to develop U3A in the Gulf Region. Meetings was organised with PSUAD and Government Officials on implementation new University for Third Age.

Le professeur François Vellas s'est rendu à l'invitation de PSUAD au 10eme anniversaire de l'Université de Paris Sorbonne à Abu Dhabi. Le Professeur Vellas a présenté l'AIUTA avec les responsables de PSUAD et du Gouvernement en vue de développer les universités du troisième age dans la région des pays du Golfe

Le fédération des universités du troisième age du Nigeria avec le Dr Charles Afolabi, Membre du Conseil d'Administration de l'AIUTA va organiser la première conférence internationale en Afrique sur le thème de "Vieillir en bonne santé : Une approche multi-disciplinaire" à Lagos au Nigeria les 8-10 mars 2017. Pour toutes informations s'adresser (ci après). Toutes les Universités du Trosième Age de l'AIUTA sont le bienvenue.

U3A Nigeria Dr Charles Afolabi (JP) Executive Director, AIUTA Governing Board Member will organise the first International Conference in Africa on "ACHIEVING GOOD HEALTH IN OLDER AGE, THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH". All AIUTA U3A are welcome to be part on this event next March 8th-10th 2017 in Lagos (Nigeria). For further information please would you email Dr Afolabi -

Monday 28th November 2016, Vice President He Tianwei welcome Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President to Guangxi University for the Elderly inside the Guangxi University for Nationalities campus in Nanning. Meeting with Vice President of the University and President of the U3A focused on international cooperation with AIUTA U3A on science, Medical and Wellness such as Taichi training.

Lundi 28 novembre 2016, le Vice-Président He Tianwei a reçu le Professeur François Vellas, Président de l'AIUTA À l'Université de Guangxi pour les peronnes agées au sein de l'université de Guangxi sur le campus des nationalités à Nanning. La réunion avec le vice-président de l'Université et le président de l'U3A a été axée sur la coopération internationale avec l'AIUTA U3A sur la science, la médecine et le bien-être tel que le Taichi.

Music Groups: Leeds University are conducting research into the music listening behaviour of people (aged 18 and over) with hearing loss and who wear hearing aids for a minimum of one hour a day. Their aim is to contribute to the field and development of technology and hearing aid fitting process and protocols by understanding the impact of hearing loss on music. Click the video on the right to learn more.

Care Homes Crisis - warning from former Minister, Lady Ros Altmann: Britain is in danger of "sleepwalking into a social care crisis". Click on the picture left for the BBC report. The numbers getting help from their council with care had fallen by 26% to 850,000 in the four years to 2014. Spending on care by councils had fallen by 25% in real terms in the five years to 2015, to £5.1bn. Additional money from the NHS and increased contributions from individuals had topped this up to £7.2bn, but that still represented a cut of 9%. Over 40% of money paid to care homes came from people paying for themselves.

One million people with care needs now receive no formal or informal help - a rise of 10% in a year. The report also warned that the cuts by councils were a risk to the future of the market. It said it was only a matter of time before a care provider - most services are provided by outside agencies - collapsed, and it noted that providers had walked away from council contracts in 59 local authority areas.

Economics/Investment/Computer Groups: Blockchain is the shared digital ledger system that underpins Bitcoin, Etherium and Zcash. It is the ultimate product of extreme connectivity since it relies for its existence on the interconnection of a large number of computers. As such it could possibly play a significant role in the emerging 'Internet of Things' and Artificial Intelligence.

A two-minute explanation of Blockchain may be found here >>>

A brief description found in the White Paper for the World Economic Forum presented by UBS Bank deserves study. Extreme automation and connectivity: The global, regional, and investment implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution January 2016.
The complete paper (36 pages) is available here >>>

Creative Writing Groups: Encouraged by the current issue of LRB (London Review of Books) your editor spent some time browsing at - only to find it so permeated with 'yoof style' as to be too difficult to understand.

Determined or more clued-up creative writers may find it interesting/amusing, but this editor retired, definitely troped out (as they say in america).

Art/History of Art Groups: Art UK is the operating name of the Public Catalogue Foundation, a charity registered in England and Wales. They operate this wonderful website.

Indian Society of U3As - AGM and Seminar, Lucknow: The welcome cum keynote address was delivered by Vice Chairperson A.K. Malhotra and Shri V K Shukla briefed delegates on activities and Programs of U3A Bhavana for welfare of senior citizens.

The seminar gave serious thought to strategies for care giving to elders in India under six headings. A full report will be available at a later date.

"Central & State Governments Initiatives for Elders' Welfare" by Sri A.K. Malhotra.
"Making CSR work for Elders' Care" By Sri R.N. Mital
"Common Ailments in Elders & their Remedy" by Dr. P.K. Sinha, Geriatric Physician
"Promotion & Protection of Human Rights" by Sri Sushil Kumar, IAS(Retd.)
"Hospice & Palliative Care"by Dr. Abhishek Shukla, Head, Aastha Old Age Hospital
"Spiritual Support to Elders" by Dr. Narendra Deo, Spiritual Healer.

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