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Issue number 215 (December 2018) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Global Forum and a 3-minute video about our projects may be found here >>>
UK THIRD AGE TRUST - Strategic Planning

With 1000 local U3A groups and 400,000 individual members the UK is second largest only to China's massive 'official' U3A movement.

The August 28th conference included a plenary session on strategic planning, and questions were asked and issues raised that were extremely important. This took the form of a report back, chaired by Ian McCannah, Chairman of the Third Age Trust (on the left in our picture), on the results of the consultation to aid the TAT Working Group on forward planning.

That entire session is available on YOUTUBE and you are recommended to watch it in full. Simply click here>>>

PASS IT ON NETWORK - 5-minute video

Well-Being around the World.
To hear what's important for well-being from people around the globe, Jan Hively in Massachusetts USA asked 18 of Pass It On Network's Country Liaisons "what's one thing that's important to your sense of well-being?"

To hear their replies click on the picture (right) or click here>>>


In school, people are often trained to apply formulas to rote problems. But this traditional approach prevents deeper understanding of concepts, reduces independent critical thinking, and cultivates few useful skills. The capacity to think critically separates the great from the good. We can grow this capacity by trying — and often failing — to solve diverse, concrete problems.

The BRILLIANT Courses start with simple questions that build your foundation and intuition. Millions of people around the world are growing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills together on Brilliant, and studying what works and what doesn't. We put our learnings back into our product, content, and community development for your benefit.

There are 300 Bridge Groups in the UK, and many thousands in 46 countries worldwide, especially in China. But a recent judgement by the European Court of Justice has now ruled that it is not a sport.

In response to a legal claim by the English Bridge Union (EBU) for the card game to be given the status of a sport, judges in the EU Luxembourg court have ruled that a sport must involve “a not negligible physical element” for tax purposes. The EBU had been seeking VAT exemption on the entry fees to its competitions, something that is granted to events classified as sports but which Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs has denied the bridge union.

IRAN - HelpAge International Conference
Throughout history, responsibility for older persons was assumed to lie with the family. Reflecting this shared human experience, many ageing and population policies in Asia have been based on families as the source of support in old age. The community or – as last resort – the government was expected to intervene only in cases of extreme neglect and deprivation.

Populations are now ageing at unprecedented speed. The shifting demographic context is affecting families, and Asian governments are struggling to understand how best to respond. Fertility has declined sharply and people are living longer. Nuclear families are becoming smaller and, with migration, more scattered. The 2018 HelpAge Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Tehran, Iran, examined the theme of Family, Community and State in Ageing Societies from various perspectives, learning from the rich experience of the international participants and presenters.

There are many email scams that land in your inbox every day, from malware-ridden attachments supposedly from a friend to blackmailers threatening to expose you for watching porn. And what makes many of these scams harder to recognize is that they rely on a “spoofed” email address to make it appear that they are coming from someone you trust, rather than a scammer 6,000 miles away. So learning how to tell if an email has been spoofed is critical to protecting yourself.

Part of the reason why spoofed emails are so prevalent is that it is incredibly easy to spoof an address. This advice from PC-Pitstop will help you.


Reprinted from the Third Age Trust UK Newsletter.
Canterbury U3A Environmental Research group have taken part in a special Bumblebee walking project with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BCT).

The BCT aims to collect data on the current Bumblebee population and has devised the Bumblebee Walk Scheme where volunteers register a specific route known as a “Transect” – and walk this route once a month identifying and counting the Bumblebee species.

AIUTA - Mauritius Conference

AIUTA delegates arrived to attent 103e AIUTA Governing Board and International Conference on « Universities of the Third Age driving force for Multi-culturalism ». Delegates received a warm welcome from U3AM President Armoogum Parsuramen and his team on their arrival in Mauritius.

On Wednesday 21th November they have the opportunity participates to an inter-generational ceremony in honour of deasible(?) children helped by U3AM / RAINBOW Foundation.

Welcome lunch and dinner focused on inter-cultural gastronomy with Indian cuisine on the morning and Chinese cooking on the evening host in cooperation with Hua Lien and UCA Association and his president Christian Foo Kune.

La premiere journeé à MAURICE de l’AIUTA, hôte de l’U3AM, a été marquée par deux moments de convivialité autour de la pluri-culturalité gastronomique avec un déjeuner de cuisine indienne et un diner de cuisine chinoise organisé par les deux association Hua Lien et UCA et son Président Christian Foo Kune.

AIUTA in China 2019
Lead by M. Lin Yuan, First AIUTA Vice-President, CAUA Chinese Association of Universities for Elderly delegates from Guangzhou U3A, Chengdu U3A and Jinan U3A, with Zelin Zhang, Jianzhong Hu, Jin Hadorn-Guan, Guangxi Nong, Feng Guo, Chunlin WeiYinghuai Wang, participate to AIUTA Governing Board and AIUTA International Conference in Mauritius. The First AIUTA Vice-President Lin Yuan spoke at the AIUTA Governing Board on next 104th AIUTA GB and International Conference on Silk Road and University of Third Age and invited delegates to come to WUHAN CHINA next 20th/22th May 2019 followed by WSTC 2019 (The World Senior Tourism Congress) in Yantai May 23th/26th 2019.

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