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Issue number 205 (February 2018) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Global Forum
The next international global forum will take place on Sunday 4th of February at 11am UK time, but the virtual meeting-room will be open from 10.30amUK. The banner above gives some idea of how it might appear on your computer, tablet or smart-phone. For information and to check your local time and register go to

Goodreads, with its millions of members and 2 billion books, has become "the most important book networking site on the internet". Reviews, Book Clubs/Communities, blogs, discussions, and even access to authors; it is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations.

Their mission is to help people find and share books they love.


The 2018 World Economics Forum at Davos have produced a very interesting article on solutions to plastics pollution Around eight million tonnes of plastic makes its way into oceans each year, posing a serious threat to our natural and marine environment - a problem that the UK government has now decided to address.

The WEF website has also published a wide range of 'System Initiatives' which can be seen at

Thank you, Jan Hively of Pass It On Network.

UCS was founded in 1969 by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. That year, the Vietnam War was at its height and Cleveland’s heavily polluted Cuyahoga River had caught fire. Appalled at how the U.S. government was misusing science, the UCS founders drafted a statement calling for scientific research to be directed away from military technologies and toward solving pressing environmental and social problems.

"We remain true to that founding vision. Throughout our history, UCS has followed the example set by the scientific community: we share information, seek the truth, and let our findings guide our conclusions".


The recent Caregiving Summit, a six-day 'virtual conference' was hosted by Kari Henley of Age Without Borders in association with the Pass It On Network. By halfway through the week, it had thousands of visitors watching simultaneously from 60 countries.

A highly professional online event, with dozens of speaker sessions, two minute trailer videos, a huge Care Package of inspiring gifts like art, music, poetry, nutrition exercise and more. Over 60 experts from 17 countries - it is a true library. Topics included: active aging, longevity tips, finance, self care for family caregivers, new innovations in tech, advocacy and more.

INDIA - International Conference

Population ageing is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the twenty-first century, with implications for nearly all sectors of society, including labour and financial markets, the demand for goods and services, such as housing, transportation and social protection, as well as family structures and intergenerational ties. An International Conference On Socio-Economic Status Of Senior Citizens - Problems And Solutions will be held on March 12-13, 2018. Venue: India International Centre, New Delhi. Organiser: Indian Society of U3As. Details can be found here >>>

INDIA - Delhi

Senior Citizens Council of Delhi celebrated Joint Birthdays of 28 members whose birthday falls during the month of January, 2018 at its Recreation Centre, Green Park Extension. J.R.Gupta, President of the Council welcomed all the members and extended birthday greetings to concerned members.

Suddenly, Sh.Shivraj Singh, S.H. Officer, came with a cake box. It was arranged by Delhi Police as a respect and regards to senior citizens on their birthday. J.R.Gupta thanked the SHO for his gesture which would be remembered for the years to come.

While extending birthday greetings, SHO briefed about security measures being made by his staff in the area for the safety and security of senior citizens and assured to help them at any time, as and when required.


AIUTA Delagates met senior students from Universidad de Senior de La Coruna on Thursday 25th january. They discussed on comparisons between U3As over the world, exchange programmes and international cooperation. Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President spoke on La Coruna U3A Senior Radio providing AIUTA TV exemple as a bridge between U3As from different continents. La Coruna daily newspaper « La Voz de Galicia » report on Vice Rector Nancy Vasquez Viega and Vice Rector and Pilar Garcia de la Torre welcome ceremony to AIUTA Executive Board (see photos)

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