Conference City - Brisbane by night - from a photograph by Mr David Ball

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Face to Face always beats Digital Encounters. It's good to connect via email, it is better to connect via the phone, but the best way to connect is face to face.

Don't miss the opportunity to reconnect with U3A friends and form new networks at the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance International conference in Brisbane, 28/29th May 2015. Cherish Today - Challenge Tomorrow.
Rhonda Weston, President U3A Queensland

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All groups: A compilation of 100+ Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learners, listing some of the most useful self-education resources online. You will find online courses and tools to master new skills, learn languages, find classic books, broaden your mind and interact with other lifelong learners. It includes details of Lectures and Video Learning Websites and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). To learn more click here >>>
All Groups: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go! 300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries... The power of an interesting documentary is that it can open our minds to new possibilities and deepen our under-standing of the world.

On this list of documentaries you will find different viewpoints, controversial opinions and even contradictory ideas. Critical thinking is recommended. With suitable software (ask your computer group) they can be downloaded or 'streamed' and shown with a digital projectorl

UK Archaeology Groups and Ramblers: An Atlas of Hillforts in Britain and Ireland is in course of preparation. Hillforts are one of the most prominent types of prehistoric monument across many parts the British Isles and Ireland as well as being the most obvious legacy of the Iron Age period. Despite fieldwork and changing interpretations of these iconic sites they are still poorly understood.

"We welcome contributions to this project from members of the public either as individuals or as part of local field groups. We very much hope this new way of gathering data will help us produce the best overview of hill- and promontory forts in Britain and Ireland that can be achieved in the timescale available to us. We shall of course acknowledge all individuals who contribute to the project".

From Dr P. Vyasamoorthy, U3A India: Professor Stephen McNair has spent half a lifetime's research proving it's better to be happy than rich – a state some say is best achieved through lifelong learning.

McNair, a semi-retired National Institute of Adult Continuing Education research fellow, says that in all the guidance about wellbeing, education is central. "[It is] particularly important for those in the latter stages of life when one is less mobile and having to cope with the death of partners and friends: getting out of bed and feeling one has a purpose can be particularly challenging." For the full article click here >>>

History Groups: For a fascinating new way to link and display historical information try HISTROPEDIA The vision for Histropedia is that you can arrive and see all of history on an interactive timeline. Google map style controls will let you see an overview of all time or zoom in to see more detail for any period, while smart filters allow you to refine the timeline by topic and location. To get a complete understanding you are strongly recommended to take the tour.
Thank you Stephen Hodges of North London

Travelling abroad in 2015?: Call on a local U3A group - they will surely be pleased to meet and greet you.

Check our Online "Meet and Greet" Project at MYU3A. We are regularly adding new groups and destinations -- the latest being U3A Osaka in Japan; a thriving and vigorous group with nearly 600 members, led by Mrs Akiko Tsukatani, MBE.

A team of 6 life members of Senior Citizens Bureau, led by Captain Dr M Singaraja, Chairman, was on a well planned tour to attend the 5th Asia Pacific Alliance (APA), University of 3rd Age(U3A), International Conference-2014 at Kathmandu, Nepal, from Oct 14 to Oct 26, 2014.

"We also met Mr. Mathew Cherian, CEO, of HelpAge India at their H.O. We exchanged our experience at Nepal and Chennai, as well as the wonderful activities of HelpAge India and the Current affairs concerned with Senior Citizens. It was nice to learn that the long pending National Policy for older persons and National Commission for Senior Citizens are on the anvil. We conveyed our appreciation and compliments to Mr. Cherian for receiving the Best NGO Award on Oct 1, 2014 from GOI".
Capt Singaraja (far left above) presented the book "Voice of the Veteran"

Royal Voluntary Service is a volunteer organisation that enriches the lives of older people and their families across Britain.We support older people by giving time and practical help to help them get the best from life.

Tips for cooking and eating well: With the price of food on the increase eating well can be a challenge for many families. It’s very easy to reach for cheap ready meals, especially if you’ve got a busy life and you don’t have much time on your hands. But cooking fresh food needn’t be expensive or time consuming; it is important for older people to eat healthily and maintain a nutritious diet.

Report by A K Malhotra: A Free Medical Checkup & Treatment Mega Camp was organized on Sunday, 14th December jointly by Bhavana U3A Lucknow (Bharatiya Varishtha Nagarik Samiti), Astha Old Age Hospital and S.C. Trivedi Memorial Mother-Child Hospital at Vidisha Park, Mahanagar Extension, Lucknow, for local population of all ages and genders.

A total of 1116 patients visited the camp. According to their health problems, they were subjected to diagnostic tests such as BP, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hepatitis B & C, Neuropathy, Uroflometery, Uric Acid, LIPID Profile, ECG, BMD, PFT, BMI etc. Above shows blanket distribution to families in need. For a full report click here >>>

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