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Dear AIUTA Members and Members of the Governing Board
Our 100th GB will take place at Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia), which is on Thursday 18th of May 2017 from 15h00 to 18h00. The AIUTA Conference "Equal Learning Opportunities for the elderly" will be held on 19th May 2017, the cultural programme on 20th May 2017. Full programme details may be found here >>>

Please confirm your participation to the AIUTA Secretariat and our colleague Dr Nadežda Hrapková in Bratislava -- email: and

AIUTA SECRETARIAT - Toulouse: Madame Montse Amoros (Barcelone) et le Professeur carlos Santos (Açores), membres du CA de l'AIUTA, ont visité le secrétariat de l'AIUTA au mois de décembre et ont rencontré Bilal Ali hamad et le Professeur François Vellas ainsi que Chenxu Wang et Fei Wang. Les discussions ont porté sur les échanges internationaux entre étudiants séniors et sur les nouvelles coopérations avec les U3A d'Europe, de Chine et d'Amérique Latine

Mrs Montse Amoros (Barcelona) and Prof Carlos Santos (Acores), came to visit AIUTA Secretariat in Toulouse (France). They met Bilal Ali hamad et le Professeur François Vellas with Chenxu Wang and Fei Wang to discuss a seniors students exchange between European U3As with China and Latin America.

CHINA - Wuhan Elderly University: On his last day visit in China, Prof. François Vellas and AIUTA Vice President Xin Li had meetings on AIUTA U3A international cooperation and visited Wuhan U3As. Cooperation will be developed such as education on internet for Elderly and exchanges on gastronomy and culture from universities of Third Age worldwide.

Lors de sa dernière visite en Chine, le professeur François Vellas a rencontré le vice-président de l'AIUTA, Xin Li, au sujet de la coopération internationale d'AIUTA U3A. Le Président et le Vice-président ont visité par la suite les U3A de Wuhan. Coopération seront développés, tels que l'éducation sur Internet pour les personnes âgées et les échanges sur la gastronomie et la culture des universités du Troisième Âge dans le monde entier basés sur les expériences mutuelles.

LEBANON: A l'invitation de M. Marcel Hinain, membre du Conseil d'Administration de l'AIUTA, le président Pr. François VELLAS a participé aux réunions de préparation de la nouvelle année universitaire pour l'U3A. A cette occasion, il a remis lors d'une cérémonie la charte de l'U3A à Madame. Ghada Hinain, Présidente de l'AUT (Americain University of Technology).

At the invitation of Mr. Marcel Hinain, member of the AIUTA Governing Board, President Pr. François VELLAS participated in the preparatory meetings for the new Academic year for the U3A. On this occasion, he handed over at a ceremony the U3A charter to Mrs. Ghada Hinain, President of the AUT (American University of Technology).

PASS IT ON - AN IMPORTANT NEW CONTACT: On Sunday January 22 Pass It On Network's* Country liaisons from around the world - including Nan Bosler, (NSW Australia, blue coat left), Hans Kristjan Gudmundsson (U3A Iceland) and Amoorgum Parsuramen (U3A Mauritius) - will meet for their first quarterly global teleconference of the year with a wide-ranging agenda including new links with U3A.

The Pass It On Network, launched in Paris in 2013 by Jan Hively PhD (USA) and Moira Allan (dark coat right), today has representatives in more than 40 countries. The network scouts out positive aging advocates around the globe and "passes on" local initiatives taken by seniors for seniors to help themselves and their communities to adjust to the unprecedented demographic change the world is experiencing.

The Network is continuing to spread. For further information: Moira Allan, co-founder and international coordinator:

All UK groups: You have the right to request information from any publicly-funded body, and get answers. The WhatDoTheyKnow website helps you make a Freedom of Information request. It also publishes all requests online. Learn more here >>>
Archaeology Groups: This news service is updated daily, and a ten-minute podcast is available weekly. The Archaeology Channel (TAC) is a streaming media website brought to you by Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), a nonprofit organization supported by the University of Oregon. For more information click here >>>

Cooking/Recipe Groups: India is predominantly a rice or wheat country, but potatoes are plentiful and often used in an interesting way.

Your editor has tried several of the dishes shown here and recommends them, especially 'dum aloo' made with baby potatoes. Have a long and lingering look at this website >>>

Science/Technology Groups: contains a free physics textbook downloadable as five volumes. Written especially to entertain pupils, students, teachers and everybody who is curious about the world of motion, the first five volumes present established physics, available in Japanese, French, Italian and Spanish. The sixth volume is, as the title states, a research text.

Also recommended is an entertaining 17-minute YOUTUBE video (downloadable) on physical forces and gyroscopes at >>>

There are still places left for this International U3A Conference, organised by RUTIS. RUTIS is the representative institution of the Portuguese senior universities recognized by the Portuguese Government and it has 300 members, 45.000 seniores students and 5.000 volunteer teachers, associated with the consortium Porto 4 Ageing and the European Project Tempus Centre for the Third Age Education. Further information can be found here >>>

Keep fit - dance: Most of us are nowhere near active enough on a regular basis and fail to do half the exercise that we really should be doing in order to be optimally healthy. The human body is simply not designed to be still for long periods of time unless we're sleeping. There are many ways to improve our health and dance is one of the very best options.

Not only is dance incredibly good for your health for a whole range of reasons but it's also a lot of fun. Circle dance, Line dance, Square dance, Ballroom dance, plenty to choose from. The illustration left is U3A Cardiff's Circle Dance Group.

Indian Society of U3A, Hyderabad: The ISU3A course on smartphones for senior citizens has been well received. 18 Elderly persons learnt online shopping, ticket booking, cashless funds transfer, skype, facebook , twitter, map search, payTM etc. Ladies were serious learners!?? On behalf of ISU3A Dr Vyasamoorthy organised the course with the support of U3A Hyderabad, Sthree Gyan U3A Group, APPIO of Begampet (040-27906275), drawing more participants from SCF, AOSC-H, LOLA etc. Among the learners was a 10 year old boy who is learning all these to teach his father at home. His father also participated in this course.

ISU3A, Chennai: In preparation for a fact-finding visit by Professor Francois Vellas, President of AIUTA (International Association of Universities of the Third Age, Toulouse, France) and Professor Armoogum Parsuramen, President of U3A Mauritius, a meeting was called by Capt. Dr Singaraja, South Zonal Chairman of ISU3A.

Tom Holloway, Secretary General of WorldU3A and Asia Pacific Alliance was in attendance with his Assistant Radha.

U3As Lithuania and Belorussia: During the meeting "Building a Bridge of Friendship" in Hrodno, Belorussia, the Vilnius University of the Third Age (MCTAU), the Belorussian Hrodno Golden Age University and the Belorussian Lithuanian community in Hrodno signed a Tripartite Cooperation Agreement "United by the History and the Present" with the intention to study the Lithuanian and Belorussian historical, ethnocultural and natural heritage. The same year members of the Golden Age University were invited to Palanga, seaside resort, for a short stay to join a summer camp of sports and folklore. The partners shared their views on history, literature, culture, created poetry, sang Belorussian and Lithuanian folk songs, arranged sports competitions, travelled in the country. Thank you Aldona Reksniene, U3A Vilnius.
World Elders Day celebration: Senior Citizens Bureau, organized a Dental Health Monitoring Camp for children and for senior citizens, in association with Dept., of Public Health Dentistry, SRM Dental College, Ramapuram, as its 200th programme in commemoration of World Elders Day, at Dr. BMS Primary School campus, Chennai - 30.

The medical team went on separately in 2 different halls. Dr C. Selvakumar, representing Prof Dr D Prabhu, HOD, Public Health Dentistry made his power point presentation on "Oral Health" to the seniors. Cases were treated in the mobile dental bus which is equipped beautifully like a dental clinic with 2 dental chairs.

U3A BHAVANA LUCKNOW’s Institutional member Aastha Centre for Geriatric Medicine, organised a free HEALTH CAMP FOR RURAL ELDERS in a rural area at Kukrail campus on 18th dec’ 2016, Around 800 people were screened for various illnesses including Heart, Lung, Kidney, Liver & Joint problems. Patients who participated in the camp were from 12 adjoining villages. All the patients availed free investigations worth Rs. 3500/-, they were given free Medical Consultation by team of Medical Doctors Headed by Dr. Abhishek Shukla, Dr. Amita Shukla and others.

Free Medicine for one week were dispensed to each patient. Volunteers from various walks of life gathered to create awareness in the elderly and rural people on the theme Change the way you PAY, and helped elderly & rural people to make them learn the use of various cashless/digital mode of payments.

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