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Photos left are from the excellent and highly professional AIUTA Conference at University of Alicante, Spain, in June. More >>>

The website of AIUTA's planned Lublin conference with an on-line registration form can be found at and plans are already underway for a major conference in OSAKA, Japan, in October 2016

Help Age India and Confederation of Senior Citizens Associations of Delhi organised a special function at India International Center in which more than 350 senior citizens participated on the occasion of World Elders Awareness Day . A report on Elderly Abuse was also released and a few major facts are detailed below.

92% of Delhi's youth are indifferent to the rampant verbal and physical abuse being inflicted on elders and look the other way. However, 60% of the younger generation are of the opinion that they would intervene if they happen to come across such instances. 73% youth accepts that elder abuse exists. 34.7% perceive daughter-in-law as the primary abuser followed by son 23%.

Reasons for abuse : -35.7% attitudinal & relationship issues , 53.2% property and inheritance disputes.

Type of abuse :- 72.4% abusive language , 43.1% isolation & emotional abuse , 30% denial of basic needs and 29.1% physical abuse.

From Lithuania's Third Age University, Aldona Reksniene, Vice-Rector reports: "This is some of the work of our Handcraft Group. We are happy somebody might find it interesting to know more about Lithuanian seniors. The opinion used to be that our seniors, especially elderly ladies, go to church in the evening, pray in the morning at home and plant potatoes (fifty years of sad experience before 1990). Nothing of the kind! We are as you can see and even better:) "

New figures released today (Wednesday 17 June) by Age UK show an escalating social care crisis in England with 2,431,120 bed days lost to the NHS between June 2010 and March 2015.

Not only are individuals and families left distressed, it is detrimental to their health, and comes at a huge cost to the taxpayer. Costs amount to a staggering £669 million to keep people in hospital waiting for social care, with most being aged 65 and over.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer's Society, said: 'With a quarter of hospital beds filled by people with dementia often on extended stays, this new report shows how much can be saved if we fund the care for someone with dementia in the place they can be best supported. Less cost and better care. A 'win win' that must not be ignored.'

Compton Verney: The Arts & Crafts House -- Then and Now
Our summer exhibition traces the origins and legacy of the historic Arts & Crafts Movement.
Discover the movement's fascination with the home and garden as you move through a series of encounters which bring historic and contemporary works together.

The exhibition features William Morris, C.R. Ashbee, Sebastian Cox, Timorous Beasties, Gertrude Jekyll, Sir Gordon Russell and many more. Click here to learn more >>>

From Professor Armoogum Parsuramen, President of The University of Third Age Mauritius:

U3AM values the experience of its members and provides a platform to indulge in social communities to share and spread their knowledge.

It is dedicated towards building a sense of service, justice, dignity and autonomy among the senior citizens of the country.

On the regular Sunday teleconference of the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance, Hans Gudmundsson, Chairman of U3A Iceland, gave a very illuminating talk about U3A's BALL Project (Be Active through Lifelong Learning) which is producing some interesting new information. Members from U3As in Iceland, Poland and Spain are seen above. For playback or further enquiries about future planned talks please contact

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