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Issue number 210 (July 2018) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Global Forum
AIUTA-IAUTA - Conference

The International Association of Universities of the Third Age is pleased to announce that their next AIUTA International Conference will be in MAURITIUS next 22-25th November.

This conference will be on "Pluriculturalism and Universities of Third Age" hosted by Professor Armoogum Parsuramen, President of U3A Mauritius, and his team. Full details, recommendations for flights and hotels and an application form can be downloaded here >>>

From Ingibjorg Rannveig Gudlaugsdottir - U3A Iceland
The European Warehouse of Opportunities was formally opened at a Conference in Reykjavik on June 26th which marked the end of the Erasmus+ program Catch the BALL. Three national warehouses are linked to the European Warehouse, Icelandic, Lithuanian and a British Warehouse. All warehouses offer opportunities for 50 years and older to make changes in their life, if they want to, go on new paths, let old dreams come true or find new ones. A preliminary link to the website of the European Warehouse -- -- is now accessible from where you can enter the other warehouses. The Warehouses have been developed in cooperation between partners from Iceland, Lithuania and the UK and the European Warehouse is run under the auspices of U3A Reykjavik.We invite everyone to enter the warehouses, take a look of the selection of opportunities and we would appreciate all comments and suggestions for improvement

Another output of the Catch the BALL project is the handbook of Academy of Opportunities where trainers can access materials to assist 50+ to find more and decide what they want. The handbook will be published in the coming days.

POLAND - reporter, Dr Anna Grabowska

The Polish National Federation of UTW Associations runs a free Consulting and Advisory Point for universities of the third age. As part of the service, advisors provide advice and consultation, in the field of legal aspects of the functioning of a non-governmental organization of seniors, organization management and raising funds for its activities. Contact with the Consultation and Advisory Point - tel. 18 443-57-08

Project “Strategic Partnership for Creativity and Entrepreneurship (acronym SP4CE)” has been funded with support from the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ Programme. Project started on 1 September 2014 and will end on 31 August 2017.

Result of the project will be designed and developed by the partners innovative common tools for collaboration between students, enterprises and schools (teachers). Those tools will be available as ICT solution with WWW interface designed for use in three main target groups.

LANGUAGE GROUPS - Basic French is dedicated to teaching French to English speakers in a fun and natural way with video and audio lessons. All our teachers are French natives.

Our free basic French lessons are an introduction to the basic French sounds, common French expressions, verbs and nouns. We also offer 16 weekly lessons for those who want to take it a step further and really learn the language. With our weekly lessons, you receive a new lesson every 7 days. Each new lesson includes at least 3 twenty minute video lessons (1 hour total). You will learn tons of vocabulary, how to conjugate the French verbs in all tenses and many common expressions. It’s a mix of traditional teaching and immersion.

KAZAKHSTAN - English/Russian exchange

We are the U3A Astana English Club, wishing to improve our English language. Our common language is Russian, and we hope to contact a group in an English-speaking country that is interested to improve or learn Russian.

We can do this using the ZOOM videoconference service with help from our teacher Tom Holloway, and my clever English/Russian speaking daughter. Please write to us soon -- I am the chairman Gulbarshin (second from left) and my daughter is Anara. Email here for our addresses.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Senior Citizens Council of Delhi organised a big yoga event at Deer Park Satsang Sthal, Hauz Khas, New Delhi on 21-06-2018 from 7 am to 8 am in which more than 200 senior citizens participated. Ms.Nidhi from Surya Yoga Foundation supervised the yoga followed by refreshments. J.R.Gupta, President of the Council says that senior citizens have been practising yoga daily for the last 15 days.
PASS IT ON - CommonAge's New Africa Chapter

Moira Allan reports from Paris:
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