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The International Association of Universities of the Third Age announce their latest newsletter, number 9. Contents include....

Zoom on the new trainees of IAUTA.
Executive Board meeting in Vannes on February 20th to 22nd 2013.
Preparation of the 92nd IAUTA Board and International Conference from May 16th to May 18th 2013 in Guangzhou (China) host by China Federation of U3A.
Preparation of the International Conference of IAUTA in Uppsala (Sweden) : “Equal Opportunities for senior citizens” 11th – 13th September 2013 host by U3A Uppsala.
Cooperation between legal groups about the protection of vulnerable seniors.

Gerontology Groups: The Journal of Population Ageing (JPA) from Springer Link examines the broad questions of ageing societies throughout the world, thereby stimulating discussion of North American, European, and Transitional and Developing World issues. It provides a forum for international, cross-disciplinary debate on population ageing, focusing on theoretical and empirical research and methodological innovation and development.
Music Groups: The BBC continues to pour out a wealth of music on Radio 3. Especially recommended are the down-loadable resources at 'Composer of the Week' and 'Discovering Music', which can be found here>>>

Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, and Open Source Policy: This interesting report by History Lecturer Dr Melodee Beals, attending a three-day GLAM-Wiki conference hosted by Wikimedia UK and the British Library to facilitate the exchange of new technologies, highlights the question of whether or not 'knowledge is free' and the question of licencing, a crucial source of revenue for cash-strapped institutions. For further infrmation about that event click here >>>

The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual, educational content, and to providing the full content to the public free of charge. It is run by volunteers and it is remarkably like The University of the Third Age in its aims, philosophy and administration.

Art Groups and Outings: Warwickshire's Prize-winning Art Gallery at Compton Verney has always welcomed U3A Groups. Their summer programme has such a dazzling range of popular shows, talks and events, there's no space here to list them all. To see their full programme of offers visit their website here>>>
History Groups: Free downloadable resource packs in Powerpoint or printable pdf format on many modern historical events. A really excellent website for worksheets or for reference - click here>>>

U3A Online: A complete GEMs Archive - Rick Swindell's newsletter - pdf printouts of all prior editions can be found at

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