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Issue number one hundred and sixty-two (June 2014) from the WorldU3A Service, sent on the first of every month to U3A members anywhere in the world.

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All groups: This amazing website lists 1,000 Free Online Courses, 1000+ MOOCs, 675 Free Movies, 550 Free Audio Books, 600 Free eBooks, 170 Free Textbooks, 300 Free Language Lessons. and here they list 30,000 hours of free online courses available from top universities.

Block Island -- home of the first U3A in the United States

Block Island is seven miles by three, and twelve miles off the coast of Rhode Island. It is stunningly beautiful, with freshwater ponds, nature walks and beaches. Its unique community of residents and regular visitors are proud that more than 43% of the island is preserved as open space in perpetuity. Many who have loved the island for family holidays or seasonal work over the years decide on retirement to make it their home.

Elspeth Crawford, had experience of U3A membership both in Edinburgh, Scotland and Manawatu, New Zealand. She thought the U3A self-help model would suit this place with its diverse talents and fluctuating population. With the support of those faraway friends, she found others who were interested, consulted widely and formed a committee to encourage the growth of Block Island U3A. You can learn more at

There are already eight groups in the 'group list', and interest has been expressed in other topics. We are waiting to see what will happen next, looking forward to the future of Block Island U3A.

From Dr P Vyasamoorthy, Secunderabad, India
The International Directory of Lifelong Learning, Policy and Research is a compilation of the details of over 200 governmental departments, institutions and agencies responsible for formulating lifelong learning policy at national level and leading research institutions or university faculties engaged in the study of lifelong learning from UNESCO Member States.

UNESCO has played an important role in developing a vision of education that embraces formal, non-formal and informal learning throughout life. UIL has created The International Directory of Lifelong Learning: Policy and Research as a tool to promote lifelong learning policy, research and practice. The overall aim of this Directory is to build networks and facilitate policy development, research and capacity-building and to provide an opportunity for policy-makers and experts to collaborate in lifelong learning.

Gardening Groups/Climate Change: A Guardian article describes 'Incredible Edible' as "reinvigorating the high street through gardening".

A vegetable growing initiative in Todmorden started as a response to climate change and globalisation, but it's also been a great way to breathe life into the high street. Watch their short video here >>>

FREE Online six weeks course on "Growing Old Around the World" by Pennsylvania University via Coursera

Kathrine of U3A Durban says... "I registered for the course a couple of weeks ago. It was my 6th Course and I urge as many of you folk to register. The courses are well presented, the pace at which the course is presented is comfortable, the exercises allow you to demonstrate how much you have learned and are not difficult.

Get a small group of friends together and work at it together, discuss, share ideas and put those on the discussion forum. You will be very happy you have taken this step".

In case of emergency: R.S. Dhakar of U3A Udaipur, India, sends this excellent idea.
"We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.

If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call.

The concept of "ICE" is a method of contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name "ICE" ( In Case Of Emergency)."

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