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Lithuania's Third Age University - Aldona Reksniene, Vice-Rector reports:
"20 years have passed since the university in Vilnius was launched (1995-2015). On May 27th we are having a grand celebration at the Philharmonics with guests from other U3As and different organisations.

An Almanac was issued for the occasion including a great number of photos to illustrate the joy of the moments of the membership at the university and various activities that are close to every separate heart.

Since 2011 the Medardas Cobotas University Rector is d. Zita Zebrauskiene whose inexaustible energy, vitality and an amazing sense of responsibility have made the university a well functioning and serious organisation. Last year 582 seniors joined the university - the number that exceeded all our hopes. The most numerous are the faculty of Tourism and Foreign languages. We now have 1300 members of the university.

On February 20th, 2015 almost all U3As that are non-governmental organisations have signed an Agreement to become one big umbrella organisation called NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF U3As IN LITHUANIA all functioning as independent legal units. There are aproximately 50 organisations of this type in Lithuania."

Stories from Nepal: The latest issue of 'Ageing Nepal' is now available here >>> In it you will find many stories of the recent catastrophe, which seems to have hit the elderly rather harder than many others.

Our correspondent Sanju Magar tells us "Also find attached a pamphlet in Nepali language that explains why is it important to think of older people first in all relief and re-construction work. We are reaching out to all relief workers we find with this pamphlet in print. It can be downloaded from our website We request you to help us reaching out to more people involved in rescue and relief work with this information. "

A common part of U3A programmes in in India is the arrangement of 'Health Camps' for their members and senior citizens of their community, especially those from disadvantaged and low-caste families.

Health Camps often include free distribution of medicines, or free spectacles for sight checks. These are arranged in association with local hospitals.

Distribution of books and educational materials for students is arranged by some groups. Also, blankets and warm clothing in cold weather for pavement sleepers and those newly arrived in a city is sometimes arranged. For further information see the May issue of the newsletter of U3A Delhi Seniors >>>

Starting a 'Learn Chinese' class?: You can download the Dorling Kindersley free version of 'Easy Peasy Chinese' as a pdf book here >>>

U3A Malvern Mandarin Chinese Group will have some experience if you would like to know more, and you can contact them if you click here >>>

Free lunch? Probably no such thing. In their need to collect information about you (for 'Big Data' purposes) software houses/advertisers are now bundling "helpful toolbars and programs" in with their FREE software. We are advised by Len Smith that Techsmith's free version of their very useful "Replay Media Capture" now contains malware or has it bundled alongside.

It may be possible to do a 'selective' install to avoid the nasty bits, but don't count on it. With massive cheap storage now available and artificial intelligence algorithms on the way, everyone is frantically harvesting as many email addresses and related information as possible. BE ON YOUR GUARD.

From Professor François VELLAS, Président AIUTA:
We have just developed with the help of our friend Fabio Hauagge do rado, director U3A UDC and with Bila - our new web site - - please visit! In addition the latest AIUTA Newsletter, complete with the full programme for the Alicante conference - is available here >>>

Computer Groups: Further to the warning about 'data-gathering' by secretive use of so-called helpful toolbars - this interesting 7-minute video is worth watching. IBM Watson

In the presentation editor Tom Holloway gave to the Brisbane International conference, he expressed the opinion that artificial intelligence, plus 'big data' plus the purchasing power of the corporate companies was cause for concern, and he pointed out that this concern was shared by others in a position to know more on the subject. As an example please see this Guardian article reporting on a talk by Bill Gates ...

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