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Issue number one hundred and ninety-seven (June 2017) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance
AIUTAs 100th Governing board and International Conference launched new steps for AIUTA. Main public organisations participate to International Conference on "Equal Learning Opportunities for the Elderly". May 19th. Slovakian Vice Minister, Rector, Directors of Administration participated in this important conference with AIUTA delegates.

La réunion du 100e Conseil d'Administration de l'AIUTA et la conference internationale sur "L'égalité des opportunités pour l'accès à l'enseignement des séniors" constituent une étape nouvelle majeure pour le développement des Universités du troisième Age et de l'AIUTA dans le Monde. Cette conférence a réuni le 19 mai avec les délégués de l'AIUTA les représentants officiels de Slovaquie Vice Ministre, Recteurs et Directeurs d'Administration

AIUTA Governing Board in Bratislava Slovakia elected on May 18th 2017 Mr Yuanhe Lin, AIUTA Governing Board Member and Representant CAUA National Association of Chinese U3A as First Vice President of the AIUTA International Association of Universities of Third Age. Mr Lin will replace Mr XinLi Yuan in this important position to participate to AIUTA U3As development world wide.

Le Conseil d’Administration de l’AIUTA a élu le jeudi 18 mai 2017, Mr Yuanhe Lin, Membre du Conseil d’Administration et représentant du CAUA Association Nationale des Universités du Troisième Age Chinoises au poste de 1er Vice Président de l’ AIUTA. M. Yuanhe Lin remplace M XinLi Yuan.

Le professeur Gustavo Rodriguez Chacon et Madame Margarita Pachon Rojas ont visité le Secrétariat de l'AIUTA à Toulouse le 13 mai pour préparer le prochain Conseil d'Administration et la Conférence Internationale de l'AIUTA à Bogota les 30 novembre et 1er Décembre 2017. Les délégués de la Colombie présenteront toutes les informations lors du CA de l'AIUTA à Bratislava le 18 mai. L'organisation de ces manifestations de l'AIUTA en Colombie seront l'occasion de rencontrer de nombreux délégués des Universités du Trsoième Age d'Amérique du Nord, Centrale et du Sud ainsi que de la Caraïbe et du Pacifique.

Professor Gustavo Rodriguez Chacon and Madame Margarita Pachon Rojas visited AIUTA Secretariat in Toulouse last May 13th to prepare for the AIUTA 101st Governing Board and International Conference in Bogota next november 30th and december 1. Colombian delagates will present all informations on programme and technical points in Bratislava AIUTA GB next May 18th. This important AIUTA event in Colombia will bring the chance to meet delegates from North, Central and South America, Caribian and Pacific.

Jeudi 17 mai 2017, le Conseil d'Administration de l'AIUTA a voté l'admission de trois Universités du Troisième Age provenant de l'UKRAINE (Fédération des Universités du Troisième Age basée à Kiev), de MALTE Université du Trsoième Age de l'Université de Mamte à Msida et d'IRAN Université du Trosième Age de l'Université Azad de Téhéran. Le Président de l'AIUTA Professeur François Vellas souhaite au nom de l'ensemble des Universités du Troisème Age de l'AIUTA la bienvenue aux nouveaux membres de ces trois pays pour renforcer les liens de coopération entre les universités du troisième age du monde entier.

AIUTA Governing Board vote on thursday 17th 2017 in Bratislava Ukraine U3A Federation AUTAC, Malta U3A from Malta University Msida and Teheran IRAN U3A fromAzad University as new AIUTA Member. Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President welcome new AIUTA members from three new countries and wishes to strengthen international cooperation between U3A around the world.

While the worlds leaders meet to consider the political shape of our world, an earlier meeting took place at Davos - the 2017 World Economic Forum. Academics and experts met to consider the implications of many important influences on our present and future world. 'The Future of Warfare', 'The Impact of Artificial Intelligence', 'The Need to Reduce Inequalities', and several other important issues. Seen here (right) is Sergey Brin of GOOGLE' talking about AI. One of its reports said that employees should continue working until 70 in nations such as the UK, US, Japan and Canada. The increase will be needed, as the number of people over 65 will more than triple to 2.1 billion by 2050.

WorldU3A was invited by Moira Allan of the 'Pass It On' seniors network to take part in their first worldwide ZOOM teleconference (seen above), stretching from Hawaii to Tasmania. Also taking part were Hans Gudmundsson of U3A Reykjavik and Jean Walker of U3A Online. This meeting was largely taken up with introductions; later meetings will get down to work. We learned that since then David Oludare Mark-Okusanya, country liaison for Nigeria, has sought out premises in Lagos where he intends setting up a U3A.

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The Intergenerational Commission reports that households headed by over-65s have more disposable wealth (and time) than those under 45. The Freebird Club is one among many that seek to cash in on that by promoting 'Seniors Tourism' for a fee.

U3A groups may find themselves the target of many attempts to get them to spend their pension.

Joint Senior Citizens Associations of Delhi - and U3A Delhi organized an interaction session with Delhi Police on 13th May in which more than 1000 Senior Citizens participated. Shri SBK Singh, Special Commissioner of Police, Law & Order (North) was the Chief Guest, and several other Commissioners of Police were present.

A powerpoint presentation was given by Shri Ravindra Yadav, Joint Commissioner of Police ( Eastern Range) about downloading of Delhi Police App including various initiatives taken for the safety and security of lonely Senior Citizens through beat constables.

J.R. Gupta, Chairperson, Confederation while thanking the guests, suggested to organize such meets regularly in future. He further, stated that as per National Policy of Older Persons 1999, media has a vital role to create awareness about extending financial and health security for Senior Citizens on regular basis by the Govt. of India and Govt. of Delhi. The main aims of the Senior Citizens Council of Delhi and Confederation of Senior Citizens Associations of Delhi are to protect lonely Senior Citizens from abuses / humiliations at the hands of their own children and others.

A special Fashion Show by the members of Senior Citizens Council of Delhi was also performed headed by Mrs. Bulbul Sawhney. Out of 32 participants, the Committee of Judges headed by Sanjay Ambshta, Supdt. Tihar Jail HQ declared 6 winners.

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