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Web manager Vennela
11th March 2009

IAUTA/AIUTA, the International Association of Universities of the Third Age, are very pleased to announce that their newly designed website at is now available. Completely overhauled by our webmonger Tom Holloway, it contains details of our next International Congress/Conference to be held in Turin in September 2008.
In 2020 there will be more of us in the UK over 65 than those under 20. See and
Pottering: Results of an academic study by some Academics
(Thank you Alan Brodrick Thameside U3A)
Beyond Wikipedia: 19 Links You Can't Do Without
(Thank you Peter Sinclair - U3A Harrow UK)
Gardening Groups: Reach out to your local community with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Britain in Bloom website at
TECHNICAL TOPICS: Sci/Tech Groups: the NASA website continues to add useful lesson plans. See
divisions/informal/overview/ Technology Review, brainchild of MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, presents a list of the 10 technologies that they think are most likely to change the way we live.