This important international U3A conference will bring together the combined weight of AIUTA, the International Association of Universities of the Third Age, and the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance.
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Issue number one hundred and eighty-two (March 2016) from the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance and WorldU3A Service.

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François VELLAS, AIUTA President

FRANCE REIMS General Assembly, GB and Conference - from Secrétariat AIUTA

Dr Diego Ramon Medina Munoz invitation, Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President, visited University of Gran Canaria on 19th february. The University of Gran Canaria implement Programs to Seniors as well as Tourism research such as PhD Thesis and will join the AIUTA Project on Observatory of Senior Tourism conducted by Prof Carlos Santos, Deputy Secretary General of AIUTA. As Prof François Vellas suggested during his visit to Canary Islands, New AIUTA cooperation between Island U3As such as Azores, Canaria, Madeira, Martinique (Caribean), Sardinia, UK Scottish Islands, Mauritius (Indian Ocean) and U3As located in China, Australia and Japan islands. Such international cooperation will be discuss in Reims and Osaka this year.

Economics/Current Affairs Groups: The shortcomings of measuring a countries' performance by quoting 'Gross Domestic Product' has been touched on before. The term was invented by an economist in the 1930s. We need a more effective measurement tool to match 21st century needs, says Economist Michael Green.

He shows how the Social Progress Index measures societies across the three dimensions that actually matter. And in this TED-talk reveals the dramatic reordering of nations that occurs when you use it. Click here to see it >>>


Computer Groups: 'Clouds' are fluffy soft white things. The perfect metaphor for something relatively harmless, but the reality may be somewhat different. Vast billions of dollars have been poured into setting up the "server farms" that harvest the data, your data, passing through the internet.

Only "ANALYTICS" will be powerful enough to help companies to satisfy their need to recoup the costs of setting it all up and maintaining it. How? Perhaps by getting people to buy more "things".

Invitation to all: The combined membership of Universities of the Third Age, worldwide, is a vast human library of experience. We are more than just our own personal histories, we are also the sum of all that we have seen and done and learned, and we need to pass that on to other generations.

Wikipedia wishes to enrich the combined knowledge of our world, and it invites us to take part as contributors and editors by making every article editable. Have a look at the page

Greetings from U3A Indonesia. In February the first U3A Indonesia meeting was held at Reading Lights in Bandung, capital of West Java and third largest city of Indonesia. It was attended by 10 people with a variety of background, and they are all excited and keen to bring about friends and relatives to join U3A Indonesia. We are pleased to be invited to join the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance and take part in your teleconference meetings.
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"This is a place where innovative minds from around the world meet to explore, document, and spread creative insights that are shaping a new way of talking and a new way of being as we adapt to a longer life span.

How can we be useful to ourselves, to each other and to our communities?
How can we remain independent and self-sufficient?
How can we keep on learning?
Where are we going to live in the long term?
Who will care for us if and when necessary?

The needs are pressing, the challenges daunting.

We of the older generation have what it takes to help ourselves, each other and our communities. We need to identify and share the wisdom and other strengths that we’ve gained from experience. We are living the longevity revolution in real time. We are both the actors and the producers."
Congratulations to Dr Bahadur Linga Reddy, President of U3A Hyderabad and Telangana, on his award of a Doctorate for a decade of excellent service to Society, especially Senior Citizens and Old-age homes, orphanages and needy people.

Awarded 21st January 2016 by Ministry of Evangelical Christian University of Los Angeles, USA.

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