Issue number one hundred and twentyfive (May 2011) in a series of Signposts from the WorldU3A Service, sent once a month to U3A members anywhere in the world.

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Geology Groups: This is an interesting free service which maps various worldwide threats, such as earthquake zones, fire risk, disease, crime/gang activity (US only). (Thank you Ron Atkinson - Stockton U3A).

Art History Groups: The Mapping Sculpture database is the outcome of a major three-year research programme.

It delivers the results of the first comprehensive study of sculpture between the Great Exhibition of 1851, and the Festival of Britain in 1951. (Thank you Margaret Roberts, U3A UK).

Sci/Tech Groups: Rugby radio station technical visit. The IET Multimedia Communications Network would like to invite you to join us on a technical visit to BT Rugby radio station on May 13th. The visit will comprise of an informal tour of the site and technical discussions.

Midlands Art Groups and Group Outings: Compton Verney is the award winning art gallery in Warwickshire. Since its opening in 2004, it has continued to deliver an exciting international programme of exhibitions and events, alongside a diverse collection of art from around the world. It offers visitors the unique opportunity to view art in the setting of a Grade 1 listed Robert Adam mansion located in 120 acres of spectacular parkland. You can see their "What's On" page here.

Going abroad? Try this site before you book a hotel or motel room for your next trip abroad - anywhere in the world. For the price of a cheap hotel room - and usually less - you can get a whole house or apartment for the duration of your stay - rent nightly from real people in 10,817 cities in 178 countries. (Thanks Zen newsletter and Rick Swindell of U3A Online).

Older and Stronger: Progressive Resistance Training Can Build Muscle, Increase Strength as
We Age

Moderate Exercise Dramatically Improves Brain Blood Flow in Elderly Women

No Scalpel: Minimally Invasive Breakthrough for Men’s Enlarged Prostates
Improves Symptoms

High Levels of Vitamin D Appear to Lower Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in
Young Women

Insulin Could Be Alzheimer's Therapy

People at Risk of Alzheimer's May Now Be Able to Delay the Onset of Their First

Heart Needs Work After Heart Attack: New Study Challenges the Notion That the Heart
Must Rest

Diet Plus Exercise Is More Effective for Weight Loss Than Either Method Alone

Three Square Meals a Day Paired With Lean Protein Help People Feel Full During
Weight Loss

Screening Does Not Reduce Prostate Cancer Deaths, Study Suggests

Many Elderly Men Are Undergoing Unnecessary PSA Screenings, Researchers Find

Taking Blood Pressure to New Lows -- With Lasting Results

Baby boomers being lured back to movies.

Move over spinach: Purple carrots are the new 'super vegetable' (ty Eva
Congreve, Australia)

Frequent Shopping Prolongs Life, Study Suggests

Thanks to Bob Rankin for the following TECHNICAL GEMs

Dump Norton and McAfee Anti-Virus and install free Internet security tools?

If you need to reformat a hard drive using Windows 7, the method you should use
depends on whether you want to reformat a bootable drive or a secondary drive. Here
are the steps for both procedures...

Many places provide free access to wireless Internet. But along with the freedom to
move around while computing comes the danger of being "mugged". Here are some
precautions to help safeguard your data.

How To Capture a Screen Shot with Mac OS X

5 common HDTV Questions, Answered. LCD or plasma? HDMI or component? etc

Tips for Sniffing Out Phishing Scams. With all of the sophisticated phishing schemes
flooding our Inboxes, how are we supposed to tell the fakes from the real thing?

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