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Issue number one hundred and ninety-six (May 2017) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance

On April 24th 2017, AIUTA has been invited to participate to a great event in Shandong University for the Aged Jinan organised by CAUA China Association of Universities for the Aged. Zhang Xiaolin, CAUA President chairs this important conference with Li Yanli, Deputy Director General of Organisation Department of CPC Shandong Provincial. Prof François Vellas, AIUTA President, Malgorzata Stanowska 2nd AIUTA Vice President, Prof Livio Zerbini, Chief AIUTA Education Council with Yuan Xinli First AIUTA Vice President and CAUA Excutive Vice President, Zhou Tongzhan CAUA Vice President, Lin Yuanhe CAUA Vice president and Du Yingjie, CAUA Vice President participate to this important event. Du Yingjie CAUA Vice President and President of Shandong University for the Aged opens the scientific presentations and Prof François Vellas did the conclusion focusing on new challenges on elderly education such as the need to implement new tools to help seniors in the fields on new technologies and ITCs.

Lundi 24 avril 2017, l'AIUTA a été invitée à participer à l'important Séminaire sur l'Education des Personnes Agées organisé à l'Université du Troisième Age de Jinan Province de Shandong en Chine par l'Association Chinoise des Universités. Zhang Xiaolin, Président du CAUA a présidé cette importance conférence avec Li Yanli, Directeur Général adjoint du Departement du CPC et des retraités de la Province de Shandong. Le Professeur François Vellas, Président de l'AIUTA, Malgorzata Stanowska 2eme Vice Présidente de l'AIUTA, le Professeur Livio Zerbini, Vice Président du Conseil de l'Education de l'AIUTA avec Yuan Xinli, Premier Vice Président de l'AIUTA et Vice Président Exécutif du CAUA, Zhou Tongzhan Vice Président du CAUA, Lin Yuanhe Vice Président du CAUA et Du Yingjie Vice Président du CAUA ont participé à cet important évènement. M. Du Yingjie CAUA qui est également le Président de l'Université du Troisième Age de Shandong a présenté le rapport scientifique et le Professeur François Vellas les conclusions en mettant l'accent sur les nouveaux défis des Universités du Troisième Age en matière d'enseignement des nouvelles technologies pour les séniors.

MALLORCA, Balearic Islands

It is a pleasure for us to inform you about the launching of the Tenth International Summer Senior University, organized by University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). This edition is entitled "The magic of travelling".

Held in the lovely island of Majorca, Spain, from 3rd to 9th September, 2017, the Summer University will cover contents related to both sides of travelling: the experience of travelling and the tourism impact.

Throughout the course, oriented to senior students, both theoretical and practical approaches will be used.

Please For further information about the program (lectures, workshops and visits), registration fees and accommodation facilities, please visit the web page: http://www.summersenioruniversity.uib.eu. IX Edition


About 12,000 elderly Chinese people suffering from cognitive problems like dementia will get free GPS-enabled bracelets that would help prevent them from getting lost. The bracelets with Global Positioning System (GPS) will be given to elderly people who have cognitive problems such as dementia, Wang Ning, deputy mayor of Beijing said.

In 2015, about 222 million of the world’s most populous country’s 1.3 billion citizens were aged 60 or older. According to a survey by the Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute 1,370 senior citizens go missing every day, with an average age of 76. By installing an app on their smartphones, children of the seniors can locate their parents. The elderly people can also make emergency calls with the bracelets, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

CANADA, Alberta

From Vivien Lai, President, Alberta Association on Gerontology
As part of our 35th Anniversary Celebration, AAG scheduled a Policy Panel Discussion on ways of transforming seniors’ policies and programs to meet the needs of the new aging population. Ministers Marchand, Dr. Carl Amrhein, Morhart, Deputy Minister of Human Services were presenters talking about how their departments plan to meet the needs of the new aging population. More than 150 AAG participants attended the session. The topic is instrumental in raising the awareness that baby boomers are coming into the aging cohort, and that they will require services different from the older generation of elderly.

Our board will be working relentlessly to pursue our goals of expanding the role of AAG in promoting and enhancing the quality of life of Alberta’s seniors. During the coming year, we will continue to schedule Policy Panel Discussion Sessions, Symposiums and Nibble and Nosh Events to disseminate evidenced-based research and to stimulate policy debate by members and the public on policy issues that will benefit the future generations of elderly. Full document here >>>

INDIA, Chennai
Senior Citizens Bureau (SCB)-University of Third Age (U3A) Chennai and HelpAge India (HAI) sponsored one day free hands-on training programme, to Senior Citizens on using Smart Phones for empowering Senior Citizens with Digital inclusion. SCB Vice Chairman, Thiru Prakash H Lulla, was the MC.

In his inaugural address, Dr. Capt. M. Singaraja, Chairman, SCB-U3A Chennai, exhorted that the Senior Citizens should liberate themselves from the digital divide and get into ease of reaping the benefits of smart phones. He briefed about the activities of World U3A, Asia Pacific U3A, ISU3A, U3A Chennai, the participation of our members and presentation of papers by him in the International Conferences. Launching of India’s first U3A at Chennai is progressing with the formation of a Trust under the leadership of Prof Dr VSS. He told U3A UK and Australia are offering various free on-line certificate and diploma courses. Thiru C N Prasad, Vice President, ISU3A South Zone, shared his experience of undergoing certificate course in Falls, Dementia etc.


Compton Verney is Gallery, Museum, Workshop, Park, Lecture Hall, and Landscape Restoration Project all rolled into one. The Art Gallery is home to six permanent collections including Neapolitan art from 1600 to 1800; Northern European medieval art from 1450–1650; British portraits including paintings of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Edward VI and works by Joshua Reynolds; Chinese bronzes including objects from the Neolithic and Shang periods; British folk art; and the Enid Marx / Margaret Lambert Collection of folk art from around the world which inspired the textile designs of 20th century artist Enid Marx. Strongly recommended for U3A planned visits.

A recent report in the US Population Reference Bureau reveals that life expectancy increased from 68 years in 1950 to 79 years in 2013. In 1990, there was a seven-year gap in life expectancy between men and women. By 2013, this gap had narrowed to less than five years (76.4 years versus 81.2 years) reflecting declines in smoking-related deaths among men. If current trends continue, men’s life expectancy could approach women’s within a few decades.

However, obesity rates among older adults have been steadily increasing (see graph right), standing at about 40 percent of 65-to-74-year-olds in 2009-2012, and putting more people at risk of chronic disease and disability.  The comparable obesity rate for 65-to-74 years old in 1988 to 1994 was 26%.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia and is characterized by memory loss and a progressive decline in cognitive abilities. Nearly 5 million Americans were living with Alzheimer’s disease in 2013, but this number could increase to 14 million by 2050 with the aging of the U.S. population. Researchers estimate that Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia cost the United States between $157 billion and $215 billion in long-term care and medical expenses each year—more than either heart disease or cancer.


Rathmines U3A continues to go from strength to strength. About 40 people came to hear Pádraig Yeats (author of Lockout Dublin 1913) talk about the Russian Revolution, as well as the many forms of socialist movements down through European history; and the Irish connections and parallels such as with James Connolly’s politics and Lenin’s Irish accent when he spoke English!

Carrick-on-Shannon U3A, Leitrim held a "treasures day" at their most recent meeting. Everyone brought in something that was important to them –something they wanted to share with the group, an unusual curiosity, something that members would find interesting. Their Irish language group current theme is ‘cupla focail’ and members will be singing songs in Irish; which beginners and non-speakers alike can pick up easily.  

This month Sutton-Baldoyle U3A welcomed Professor Pete Coxon, from Trinity College Dublin, to our group to share his knowledge, experience and special interest in the Irish landscape. He explained that the Quaternary Period is still colloquially known as ‘The Ice Age’. He focused his presentation on the changes in the natural landscape over this period - 2.6 million years.

To share your group’s recent / future activities with Age Action and other U3A groups please contact Sam O’Brien-Olinger via telephone: 01-4756989 or email u3a@ageaction.ie


As a partner of Council for Third Age (C3A), SACE participated in this year's 50plus Expo at Suntec City on 24-26 Mar 2017, Singapore's major event for seniors. Some 30 member volunteers worked hard over the 3 days to recruit 220 new SACE members and 120 course sign-ups. Currently SACE offers 23 courses under the National Silver Academy which Singaporeans and PRs may attend at highly subsidized fees. SACE members who are aged 50+ automatically become U3A Singapore members.

Marijampoles University of the Third Age (U3A) opened on 1st March 2005. At first it was the branch of Vilnius U3A. On 9th May we registered the University as independent educational organization. Legal status – Association. University Manager – Director Ona Sakalauskiene.

During the first school year, 250 students’ seniors attended the University. This school year, the University is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Students – seniors deepen their knowledge in 15 faculties.

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