Issue number ninety-five (November 2008) in a series of Signposts sent by the U3A International Group UK and U3AOnline Australia, once a month, to any and all U3A members anywhere in the world.

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Web manager Vennela
11th March 2009

Gardens: Free Advice at You can request advice on any gardening project or problem you have in your garden, by either sending them an email at
Languages: A website where you can find a lot of activities to learn French and Spanish for Free, for beginners, can be found at
Reference: Bartleby claims to be "The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, verse and reference with unlimited access free of charge". The reference section at is certainly comprehensive.
Bridge players: is a site enabling players of all levels to play live with people from all over the world whenever they like. It¹s a site well worth looking at and even learning from. (Thank you Val Clowes - U3A in Kennet, UK)
Current Affairs: We are now at the halfway point of the UN's Millenium Development Goals - see - and U3A Online Australia are creating an Online Course to explain these. For further information email Kathleen Rossini at
TECHNICAL TOPICS Cross-Loop is a free program which offers a highly effective way to support colleagues by joining your two computers as one. Just click-on and watch the video. Download it (less than 3Mbytes) and try it with a colleague. BE AWARE that there may be issues around firewalls and security. A file with further information about that can be seen at