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Web manager Vennela
11th March 2009

Got a spare room and also internationally-minded? What not join HOST UK and give a foreign student a few days of your hospitality? See (Thank you Debbie Reardon U3A Burscough, UK).
Wellness Made Easy: 365 Tips for Better Health. A booklet from the University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter can be found at
The ?About Seniors? website has a wide range of articles at
including an excellent Technical section.
An alternative search program to Google (simpler to use when researching a single word) can be downloaded from
(Thank you Omer Roucoux ? U3A Luton, UK).
Ramblers: The 60-mile Wat?s Dyke Heritage Trail on the Welsh Border is open after nine years of planning. To learn more see
TECHNICAL TOPICS Preserve your sanity. Easily create a logon password protection disk for your computer in case you forget your password. The alternative is an entire system reinstall. Learn how at
REALLY useful tip: Hold down Ctrl and rotate the wheel on the top of your mouse to increase or decrease the document size on the screen. Works with IExplore, Firefox, Opera.




Web manager is Vennela
11th March 2009