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History Groups: We now know more about the loss of Henry VIII's famous ship the Mary Rose due to some sleuthing. If you look carefully at the picture in the banner above you can see the top of the mainmast with a sailer waving frantically for help. You will see much more at

There are 3,000 UK online centres offering FREE or low cost access to computers and the internet, plus help and support to use them. There are also around 2,000 UK online centre ‘Access Points’ complementing the work of partners, including centres in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Access Points may not be able to provide dedicated support and may not use our products and services, but are still local places where people can get online.

Since 1999 the UK online centres network has been working towards a world where everyone benefits from digital skills. To learn more and find an online centre click here >>

Art Groups: From John J Jackson - U3A Barnsley UK - johnjay.john at
My free course is available on Facebook. There are several parts; it's designed for the first time water colour artist to quickly get through the 'pitfalls'. Sometimes, I need a bit of a nudge to motivate myself back to painting and, after helping my son erect his art work exhibition; I began to look at some of my old drawings. Using the method I have written about I was able to work on several paintings at the same time and use the same water colour wash mix.

Sci/Tech Groups: American website with huge number of interesting items. It has a tendency to deliver 'gee-whiz' science, but there are many useful links to more rigorous science and technical webs. Worth having a quick look here >>

From Sri J R Gupta, President of Indian Society of U3As.

Varisht Nagrik Seva Samiti, Palam, planted sapling of trees, on the occasion of 70 Independence Day, in Dwarka in the presence of Sri Hira Lal Sabharwal (President) and General Secretary Sri Sarjit Singh.

Saplings were arranged by the Secretary, Dr D P Mehra and Organising Secretary Sri R C Sabharwal.

Further information may be seen on the Newsletter of U3A Delhi Senior Citizens website here >>

Dementia is a growing global problem
44 million people worldwide now have dementia, and this figure is expected to triple by 2050, as the global population ages. In the UK alone, dementia currently affects more than 800,000 people, with the annual cost of care per person greater than the average salary.

The map on the left shows the scale of the problem and you can get a clearer view on the BBC iWonder website if you click on the image on the left. The article entitled "Can technology help defuse the dementia time-bomb?" gives some possible solutions.

Download YouTube Videos. This is the fastest and easiest way to download YouTube videos as MP4 video or download music as MP3 files. As the name implies, it’s 100% free. Cuts out ads and other distractions such as 'buffering' if you have a slow connection. If you only want a specific part of a video you can edit it with Windows Movie Maker afterwards and take the bit you want. Click here >>

Help for Seniors - the American experience: We hardly ever hear from the USA, so this list of helpful links from Jasmine Dyoco of '' is especially welcome.

Some involve buying in a product or service, but all are interesting and useful.

Aging at Home: Common Problems and Solutions more >>
How Seniors are Designing Social Support Networks more >>
The Benefits of Emotional Support Animals more >>
Depression in the Elderly: 7 Ways to Help more >>
Guide to Addiction Prevention for Seniors more >>
Finding a Family: Discovering Your Queer Community When You’re 65 more >>
Recognizing and Treating Depression: A Guide for the Elderly & Their Caregivers more >>

Britain's National Health Service offers comprehensive advice on all aspects of health and care, including exercise, healthy eating and a weight loss plan.

NHS choices is the UK's biggest health website, and there are lots of e-newsletters to keep you up-to-date on 106 specialised topics. Learn more here >>

U3A Online: A complete GEMs Archive - Rick Swindell's newsletter - pdf printouts of all prior editions can be found at

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