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The latest newsletter of U3A Alliance Australia introduces the new President, Ainslie Lamb, plus....
--- Queensland admits it’s not always perfect
--- New South Wales Network turns 25 and writes history
--- Victoria learns dangers of Nigel No Friends
--- South Australia making hay while the funding sun shines
--- Western Australia scattering pearls, hopefully not before swine
--- U3A Online never rests on its laurels
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Slovakia: University of the Third Age is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme at Catholic University in Ružomberok. Seniors over 50 years old who are interested in further studies can attend classes during upcoming academic year 2016/2017 in two study programmes: Christian culture; Care for physical and mental health. Study lasts 3 years.

There are no academic prerequisites or entrance requirements other than a passion for learning and sharing your own knowledge and skills.
(Thank you Dr Vyasamoorthy, Indian Society of U3As)

The August 2016 newsletter from 'Aging Nepal' can be found here >>>
It contains news of the pilot project “Involvement of Senior Citizens in Biodiversity Conservation” with the support of National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC).

Senior citizens were taken for educational tour to Central zoo and Shivapuri National Park to motivate them in conservation work. They were provided basic orientation on scientific knowledge on biodiversity conservation work and its importance. Towards the end of the project, elderly participants formed a Biodiversity Conservation Committee to continue the ongoing protection and conservation activities around Shivapuri National Park area. The project also provided a seed fund to the Committee to continue conservation work at the community level. It is expected that the programme encouraged elderly to remain active in their old age by utilizing their immense knowledge and experience in
biodiversity conservation.

How would you like to own a butler that can polish silver and mix the perfect cocktail? Or maybe you’d prefer a companion that just happened to be a robot? Certainly, some see robots as a hypothetical future replacement for human carers. But a question roboticists are asking is: how human should these future robot companions be?

A companion robot is one that is capable of providing useful assistance in a socially acceptable manner. This means that a robot companion’s first goal is to assist humans. Robot companions are mainly developed to help people with special needs such as older people, autistic children or the disabled. They usually aim to help in a specific environment: a house, a care home or a hospital. This question will be explored at the U3A Osaka conference, and for more information (and more robots) click here >>>

U3A Senior Citizens Delhi: While speaking in a special function organised by Senior Citizens Council of U3A Delhi at Deer Park on 07/08/2016 in the presence of more than 400 senior citizens, Chief Guest Shri Ram Niwas Goel stressed the need of moral values among younger generation for looking after their elders and vice -versa. He also appreciated the efforts of Council for holding daily Spiritual discourses by eminent saints from all over India at Deer Park on regular basis since long and also protecting lonely senior citizens from abuses/humiliations at the hands of their own children and others. On this occasion, a cultural program was also organized for the entertainment of Senior Citizens which was appreciated by all present. For more news see

Report from A K Malhotra of U3A Lucknow (Bhavana):
Seventeenth Foundation Day of Bharatiya Varishtha Nagarik Samiti (Bhavana) was organized on Saturday, 20th August, 2016 at Rai Uma Nath Bali Auditorium, Lucknow. As part of main function, first installment of the financial assistance was released to 130 poor but meritorious students of 32 schools. Besides financial assistance students were given useful gifts viz. Tiffin boxes, Hygiene kits, stationery items &Wrist watches etc. Program concluded with community lunch, in which students, teachers, parents , Bhavana members and guests Participated.

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