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Issue number TWO HUNDRED (September 2017) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Asia Pacific Alliance

With 385,029 individual members in 1010 U3A groups, the UK is probably the largest University of the Third Age, second only to China's.

The National Office has now moved to 52 Lant Street, SE1 1RB


Book groups for reading aloud are a great way to meet new people and discover new books. We run a variety of groups including those on poetry, graphic novels, general fiction and shared reading groups where we read short stories and poems aloud.

Also, most libraries keep sets of scripts that can be used for play-reading. The Guardian wrote an excellent guide to starting a script-reading club. You can read that here >>>

HISTORY GROUPS - British History Sources, 1500-1900
Connected Histories brings together a range of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain with a single federated search that allows sophisticated searching of names, places and dates, as well as the ability to save, connect and share resources within a personal workspace. We have produced this short video guide to introduce you to the key features. Connected Histories is a not-for-profit project. We welcome proposals for new content.
An extra 71,000 care home places will be needed in England in just eight years to cope with rising numbers of older people unable to live independently, new research has revealed. Our findings have considerable implications for relatives as older people will have complex needs, requiring sustained input from family carers or social care teams to support independent living. A study led by experts at Newcastle University, published today in The Lancet, shows that as life expectancy increases so too have the number of years older adults spend with substantial care needs. While care is increasingly provided in the community placing a significant burden on families, the study warns tens of thousands of care home places will be needed by 2025 at the cost of millions of pounds.
OPERA TODAY is regarded as a leading web site relating to opera and vocal music. The site provides reviews of current performances, recordings and books, interviews, commentary and links to recent news items. No registration or subscription is required. OPERA TODAY endeavors to be a resource for opera lovers. For the latest news go to their FACEBOOK entry >>>

There is a good reason to question cultural norms of individual dwelling in Singapore today. A silver tsunami of seniors living alone is rolling across the nation. As Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister mentioned in an interview, the number of seniors who live by themselves has been increased from 14,500 to 42,000 from year 2000 to 2014. Based on the current growing rate, by the year of 2030, there are likely to be more than 80,000 elderly people living alone in Singapore. In a concerted push to help the growing population of seniors here lead more active and fulfilling lives in their golden years, the Ministerial Committee on Ageing today (Aug 26) announced a comprehensive raft of initiatives spanning areas such as lifelong learning, employment, housing volunteerism. Read more here >>>

UK - OWCH - Older Womens CoHousing
OWCH is a group of women over fifty who have created our own community in a new, purpose-built block of flats in North London. As an alternative to living alone, we have friendly, helpful neighbours.

'New Ground' Cohousing is finally complete. OWCH members began moving into their new homes in December 2016 and our community is now fully resident. Our dream is being realised at long last and we are busy coming to terms with the realities of living as a group. We have organised household responsibilities among us and set up a programme of common meals and some shared activities.

"We are carving out a path for others in our age group to follow. We hope they have an easier journey than ours, now we have shown the way. The senior cohousing community could enrich the last years of many, and reduce pressures on health and care services, if local authorities, planners, policy makers and housing developers helped to remove the many obstacles society puts in its way".


The Aging in Community Collaboratory (AICC) is a project developed by Aging Better Together (ABT), in partnership with Mid-Atlantic Cohousing (MAC), to accelerate innovations that support aging in community. The primary goal of the Aging in Community Collaboratory is to foster innovative, grassroots, sustainable, and replicable solutions for the challenges of growing older at home while meaningfully staying connected to the community, particularly for residents needing ongoing assistance and/or personal care. This report is by Janice Blanchard of AICC.

The 2016-2017 AICC is a one-year, participatory action research pilot project, with plans for future replications of the collaboratory process. Representatives from eight cohousing communities from across the country answered the call to discover, innovate, implement and evaluate new solutions to age old challenges. Please contact us for more information
The August newsletter in email format is now available for download if you click here >>> It contains news and video for the World Elders Day Conference, Nigeria; Seoul 50+ International Forum; the Hawaii Handbook for Active Ageing in Your Community; Diploma of Family History at the University of Tasmania; Being is Meaningful Work, by Dr Jan Hively of the Pass It On Network.
Senior Citizens Council of Delhi organized joint-birthday of its 26 members falling in the month of August, 2017 at its Recreation Centre, Green Park Extension on 27/08/2017 in the presence of more than 150 senior citizens. All were felicitated with garland, shawl, gift and a refreshment packet as a token of respect and regards. Many senior citizens recited songs, poems and jokes which were very well enjoyed by all present including members enthralled the audience.

Dressed in a neat sari and with her hair tied tightly in a bun, 55-year-old Bharti Rana shyly sits on a chair in a crowded room, carefully adjusting the tag tied just below her shoulder. The 55-year-old had never thought that she would one day sit among more than 100 senior citizens also seeking a live-in partner.

Rana and the others are part of an event called Jeevan Saathi Sammelan, which translates roughly as “life partner gathering”. It is one element of an emerging trend among single Indian adults aged over 50 who are looking for someone to share the rest of their lives with, without the burdens that accompany marriage. Attendees are mainly divorced and widowed men and women unnerved by the prospect of growing old alone.

“My husband died three years ago and my two children are settled. Though my job keeps me busy throughout the day, I need someone at home. Sometimes the loneliness weighs too heavy on me,” Rana says. Read about this here >>>


The working staff at many old age homes and Day Care Centres have not undergone a systematic training programme hence unaware of the technical aspects of Geriatric Care giving. We conducted Five Days Orientation Programme for 30 Participants from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha region of Maharshtra. We engaged Psychiatrists, Geriatric Councillor, Doctors, Government Officials to impart high quality training to enhance their understanding of various aspects of elderly service. Subjects covered were Maintenance & Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (MWPSC) Act 2007, Importance of Geriatric Communication, Care Giver's Role & Responsibility, Ethics in Geriatric Care Giving, Old Age Home Management, Geriatric Rehabilitation and Geriatric Counselling among others. This course is aimed improving the working of Old Age Homes and Day care Centres for delivery of best quality service to the elderly residing at OAH and DCC.

Here is a video of the AIUTA Bogota GB and International Conference -- Bogota Colombia 29th-30th November 1 December, 2017 - click here >>> For information ask Gustavo Rodríguez and his team email

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