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Issue number 212 (September 2018) from the WorldU3A Service and the U3A Global Forum and a 3-minute video about our projects may be found here >>>

From Rhonda Weston, President of U3A Toowoomba.
Asst. Prof Kirboon Jongwutivves together with colleagues from Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand visited U3A in Toowoomba on their recent visit to Australia.

The purpose of their Study Tour was to look into and understand the ways in which we offer Lifelong Learning through U3As in Australia.

U3A in Toowoomba was delighted to host them for a day of sharing information, learning about differences in cultures, making new friends and agreeing that regardless of where you live, the benefits of U3A are limitless.


U 3rd Age of Singapore hosted a 2-day combined meeting of Thailand's SU3A Network of groups. SU3A-Thailand is a network of eight seniors learning centers linking up to form Su3a-Thailand. Set up in April 2018, and the visit to U 3rd Age on 1 August 2018 was a success as the 25 Thais and over 75 local friends enjoyed a session of crafts, dances and songs together.

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vU3A - the virtual University of the Third Age

Report from Linda Clark, Chairman of vU3A
The ethos of virtual U3A (vU3A) is based on the premise that most of us in U3As will reach the stage where physical problems will mean that we are unable to attend meetings and may become lonely and isolated.

The vU3A was launched on 1st January 2009 and in May it became a U3A in its own right affiliated to the Third Age Trust. At the same time the public website opened to encourage people to find out more and join.

Who can join vU3A? A member of your U3A who can no longer get to meetings, or who is isolated. The members only website is available for an annual subscription of £12 which includes Third Age Matters and Sources and all associated advantages of U3A membership.

We have a drop in area (the coffee shop) where comments can be posted and will always receive a reply, and topic pages (in place of groups) ranging from history, literature and science through to jazz, cookery and gardening. There are over 2000 pages. Members can set up pages (with help if necessary) to share their own particular areas of interest.


From Ingibjorg Rannveig Gudlaudsdottir

The work on the European Warehouse of Global Opportunities is progressing. A flyer has been made and will be distributed as an introduction to the European Warehouse.

As was said in July edition of Signpost, the opportunities found in the European Warehouse are meant for 50+ who want to go on new paths, let old dreams come true or find a new ones.

The House is a collaborative work of four partners in Iceland, Lithuania and England under the auspices and direction of U3A Reykjavik.


Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions.

Nature also provides rapid, authoritative, insightful and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting science, scientists and the wider public.


This World Economic Report is from Dr P Vyasamoorthy, U3A India.

China has the world's largest ageing population, by 2050 the number of over-60s will double to 490 million and China's Universities for the Elderly are booming - more than 8 million pensioners enrolled at 70,000 colleges in 2017.

Over-50s can learn dancing, English and even online shopping.

For the full one-minute video story click here>>>


By Moira Allan, Pass It On Network
Climate disasters are increasing – this month in India 445 died in the worst monsoon flooding in a century in Kerala; in the US, California’s “megafires” have been worst yet; Europe registered record summer temperatures … one could go on. But what’s important is what the Agewell Foundation in New Delhi underlines – older people are last in line for help. Founder Himanshu Rath organized a flash study carried out by 1500 Agewell volunteers. It revealed five major problems faced by older people in natural calamities. Medical and health problems are at the top of the list followed closely by psychological problems, physical insecurity, food and then shelter problems.

Katherine Fenton-May, U3A, Durban, South Africa, has long lamented the abysmal lack of preparedness: “Let’s stop talking about climate change and do something because people all over are suffering and are totally unprepared!” Katherine has a list of what she considers to be vital. Is it not time that U3A offered courses on calamity preparedness?

ART GROUPS - free tutorials
Mike Skidmore is a professional artist. He says "I specialise in portrait painting, figures, nudes and still life - you can buy paintings direct from my site and commission a portrait. I also run painting workshops on portraiture and still life for all levels, where I teach traditional oil painting techniques". He also provides free downloadable tutorials on painting and drawing techniques on his website.
NEPAL - Basic Literacy Course

Ageing Nepal is a not-for-profit Non-Government Organisation (NGO) registered with the government of Nepal. with support from Ageing Nepal Switzerland and in collaboration with Jorpati Senior Citizen Society, it inaugurated “Basic Literacy Class for Older Persons”. Thirty illiterate older persons of 60+ ages are attending the class for 6 to 8 months. The programme aims to empower new-learners with basic skills in reading, writing and simple numbers.

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