Local groups looking for a domain name (u3abarset.org.uk or witteringu3a.org.uk) plus a website can now get one cheaply. U3A Internetwork recommend Handmadepages who offer 5 gigabytes of webspace/bandwidth, hosting £29.50 per year, UK domain name £7.50 per 2 years, plus 50 email addresses.

Go-to or click-on http://www.handmadepages.co.uk to check for availability and details. For sample templates you can choose one of the two we give below.

u3abarset.org.uk is a fictitious example with a simple 'home page' and two additional pages for contacts and a future programme. Click here to see it.

witteringu3a.org.uk - another fictitious example for you to see, but this is a simple one-page 'placeholder'. Just provide us with your group name and a contact, and it will be loaded for you.